Mega Man 2 (found early iOS port of NES action-platformer sequel; 2009)

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Mega Man II Lite Startup.png

The port's startup screen.

Status: Found

Date found: 04 Dec 2020

Found by: MatPac13

Mega Man 2 (or Mega Man II), one of Capcom's most popular NES games, was ported to the iPhone and iPod Touch in March 2009 with a free version of the game called Mega Man II Lite made around the same time as the full version and looks exactly like the NES version with some new things that weren't in the original NES game like the "Help" and "Options" buttons. The port was trashed by reviewers[1] and even IGN for the "terrible" touchscreen controls and physics.[2] This version was delisted from the App Store around 2014-2015 and was replaced by the new version of Mega Man 2 for 64-Bit iOS devices.

On December 4th, 2020, an user by the name of MatPac13 uploaded the early iOS port of Mega Man 2 making the game found.

On January 15th, the Lite version of the early iOS port was discovered and was shared on the forums by RockmanKB.



AppSpy (Pocket Gamer) Gameplay video from 2010.

Footage of the game running on the iPad by panther2598.

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Yet another review of the game's early port by MoonShinetech.

Screenshots of the Old iOS Port

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