MeiAIDS Christmas 2009 aka “YOUTUBE HACKED” (lost rumored video of YouTube hacking; existence unconfirmed; 2009)

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An image of “Piano-Chan” used for the hacking

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

MeiAIDS Christmas 2009 (also known as “YOUTUBE HACKED”) refers to a lost rumored video from the alleged perpetrator of the Christmas Day hack in 2009, MeiAIDS.


On Christmas Day, 2009, while people were relaxing, something was happening to YouTube as it was being hacked. Thumbnails from a lot of YouTubers and YTPers were being changed to different images like Damo Shizuki and Piano-Chan.[1][2][3] Though it was suspected that the person behind this was a user named MeiAIDS[2], a notorious YTPer and a massive troll in the community. One such instance is when he made a fake persona and account named “Tobysaidit” to troll the YTP community by ranting about controversial stuff to the YTP community.[3]

How people knew it was MeiAIDS was because one of the thumbnails was the owner and creator of YouChew, a YouTube Poop forum that Mei used to be on, and the hacked thumbnails for the YouTube Poop was of the character, “Piano-Chan” which happened to be the profile picture for MeiAIDS at the time.[3] Though it is really not known if he really made the hack which made others believe that it was ADHDYoshi.

While this was happening, an alleged video from MeiAIDS was posted called “YOUTUBE HACKED!”, and in the video shows MeiAIDS allegedly performing the hack.[1] Though the video became lost to time, and it’s possibly believed that if MeiAIDS was the hacker, he possibly deleted the video as most suspected.[1]


It is unknown if MeiAIDS uploaded the alleged video, and as of December 2023, the video still hasn’t surfaced.


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