Meitantei Boggy Cat (lost build of cancelled Super Famicom action platformer; 1994)

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Status: Lost

Meitantei Boggy Cat (迷探偵ボギーキャット, Meitantei Bogii Kyatto, lit. "The Great Detective Boggy Cat") is a cancelled 1994 Super Famicom platformer action game that was in development by Taito Corporation.


The gameplay would have had a strong element of adventure where the player collected information from the characters, and take out villains. All the characters would have had lots of different information to give.

It also would have featured minigames.[1] The player would also use a tail attack to fight enemies and bosses.


Not much is known about this game, except that it was going to be released in September 1994. However, it was cancelled for unknown reasons. No prototypes of the game are known to exist.