Mentors (partially found Canadian science fiction TV series; 1998-2002)

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A poster for the show.

Status: Partially Found

Mentors is a Canadian science fiction series that aired on the Family Channel.[1] It aired on Discovery Kids in the United States and Latin America. A Japanese dub of the series also aired in Japan on NHK. The show is about a teenage boy who brings back historical figures with his computer. The people he brings back then help him with his life problems, and teach him about history. The show ran for 4 seasons from 1998 to 2002.

This series has not been released on home video, and there are almost no known clips of the show on the internet. For years, only a low-quality clip, one episode, and a "Behind The Scenes" video were available on YouTube. From December 23rd, 2017 to January 21st, 2018, the Encore+ YouTube channel officially uploaded the first season in high definition. Though Encore+ has since shut down, the Wayback Machine archived all thirteen episodes beforehand.


Season 1 (1998-1999)

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 The Genius June 12th, 1998 Found
2 Smart Aleck June 19th, 1998 Found
3 Raising the Siege June 26th, 1998 Found
4 Lewis in Wonderland July 3rd, 1998 Found
5 Little Emperor July 10th, 1998 Found
6 Wilde Card July 17th, 1998 Found
7 A Ninth of Beethoven Jan 16th, 1999 Found
8 A Transient, Shining Trouble Jan 23rd, 1999 Found
9 The Presence of Saint Nick Feb 6th, 1999 Found
10 The Raven Mar 5th, 1999 Found
11 Harriet's Path Mar 12th, 1999 Found
12 The Crush Mar 19th, 1999 Found
13 The Rescue Mar 26th, 1999 Found

Season 2 (2000)

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 The Truth Is in Here Aug 18th, 2000 Found
2 Her Grace Under Pressure Aug 25th, 2000 Partially Found
3 Dear Diary Sept 1st, 2000 Found
4 The Glory Trail Sept 8th, 2000 Found
5 Right Place, Right Time Sept 15th, 2000 Partially Found
6 Nothing But Net Sept 22nd, 2000 Found
7 Father's Day Sept 29th, 2000 Lost
8 The Book of Love Oct 6th, 2000 Found
9 Stranger in a Strange Land Oct 13th, 2000 Found
10 The Fire Ship Oct 20th, 2000 Found
11 Klondike Daze Oct 27th, 2000 Found
12 Seer and Now Nov 3rd, 2000 Lost
13 Future Tense Nov 10th, 2000 Partially Found

Season 3 (2001)

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 The Good, the Bad and the Ollie May 8th, 2001 Found
2 The Odd Pod May 1th2, 2001 Partially Found
3 Man's Best Friend May 13th, 2001 Lost
4 Citizen Cates May 14th, 2001 Partially Found
5 Experience May 15th, 2001 Lost
6 Silent Movie May 19th, 2001 Found
7 Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made Of May 20th, 2001 Lost
8 Work in Progress May 21st, 2001 Found
9 Nothing to Fear May 22nd, 2001 Found
10 Anything You Can Do May 26th, 2001 Lost
11 Remembrance Day May 27th, 2001 Found
12 The Tao of Hockey May 28th, 2001 Lost
13 Homesick May 29th, 2001 Found

Season 4 (2002)

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Enter the Monolith Mar 15th, 2002 Lost
2 The Private Eyes Mar 16th, 2002 Lost
3 Humbug Mar 17th, 2002 Lost
4 The Other Half Mar 18th, 2002 Lost
5 Transition Mar 22nd, 2002 Lost
6 Breakthrough Mar 23rd, 2002 Lost
7 Future Forward Mar 24th, 2002 Lost
8 Dusty Trails Mar 25th, 2002 Lost
9 Cursed Mar 29th, 2002 Lost
10 Once and Future King Mar 30th, 2002 Lost
11 Secrets and Lies Mar 31st, 2002 Lost
12 A Matter of Time: Part 1 April 1st, 2002 Lost
13 A Matter of Time: Part 2 April 2nd, 2002 Lost




Behind the scenes.


ObscureMediaTV's video on the subject.

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