Michael Jackson: Live at the Apollo (partially found video recording of concert; 2002)

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Michael Jackson during the performance.

Status: Partially Found

Michael Jackson was an American singer, songwriter, and entertainer. Dubbed the "King of Pop", Jackson is one of the most important cultural figures of the 20th century and is known for his incredible live performances, many of which were recorded. While most of these recordings have been officially released in full, his 2002 performance at the Apollo Theater has remained partially lost.


On April 24th, 2002, Michael Jackson would perform at New York City's legendary Apollo Theater. The concert was hosted by former US president Bill Clinton[1] and was held as a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee's "Every Vote Counts" campaign which sought to increase voter turnout. This would sadly be Jackson's last live performance before his death in 2009.[2]

Set List

  1. "Dangerous"
  2. "Black or White"
  3. "We Are The World" (instrumental interlude)
  4. "Heal the World"

Originally "We Are The World" was going to be performed by Harlem Boys Choir alongside Jackson but it was cut from time.[1] A performance of "Stranger in Moscow" that can be seen in leaked rehearsal tapes for the show but not the show itself so it could have been cut for a similar reason.


The performance has largely gone unreleased due to copyright issues but a clip of the "Dangerous" performance was officially released by C-SPAN which was later rereleased by the Associated Press in higher quality. Clips of the "Heal the World" rehearsal and the "Black or White" performance as well as the entire audio of the concert have also leaked.[3]


Clip of the "Dangerous" performance.

Clip of the "Black or White" performance.

Recording of the "Heal the World" rehearsal.

A video combining the leaked audio with the AP footage.

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