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Mem3F y el Sr. Bobo - opening title card 28European Spanish29.webp

European Spanish title card (Meme y el Sr. Bobo)

Status: Partially Found

Mimi and Mr. Bobo was an animated series created by Myriam Ballesteros via her company, M.B. Producciones (now Imira Entertainment) under co-production with Television Espanola (T.V.E.) and Icon Animation.[1][2] A season of 26 episodes was produced and aired in 1999 on the aforementioned channel. The series was later retooled as a series of shorts now going under the title of Mimi and the Gang (which may also be the alternative title for the original 22-minute series). It's unknown how many shorts were made, and if they premiered on TV or the internet.


Who would've guessed it! They're just a gang of neighborhood kids but they can turn the town upside down in a blink of the eyes. Shopkeepers, mobsters, rock stars, and other characters - no one can escape the Machiavellian adventures of Mimi and her friends. (Official description from Imira.)

The series follows the day-to-day life of Mimi, an imaginative girl living in a big city. She and her friends have a penchant for getting into mischief and whenever they go around the city, they always cause mayhem everywhere they go. The adventures they go to range from ordinary, to over-the-top, surrealistic, and out of this world to the point where no one is safe from their crazy topsy-turvy hijinks and shenanigans the kids do.

Voice Cast


The English dub of the series was produced by Character Developments and recorded at The Sound Company in London.

  • Kate Robbins
  • Megg Nichol
  • Bob Saker (also voice director)
  • Dan Russel (also voice director)

European Spanish

  • Eve Diaz
  • Sara Vivas
  • Chelo Vivzres
  • Isacha Mengivar
  • Marisa Marco
  • Rafael Alonso

Episode List

Mimi and Mr. Bobo (1999-2001)

NOTE 1: The episode list is taken from the series' Wikipedia page. While 26 episodes of this are produced, it's unknown what the rest of the series' episode titles are, both in European Spanish and in English.

NOTE 2: "Pepi, the Doll that Says Your Name", was produced in 1998, while the rest of the series was produced in 1999-2001.

Episode No. Episode Title Status
01 Pepi, La Muneca Que Dice tu Nombre (Pepi, the Doll that Says Your Name) Found (European Spanish) Found (Greek)

Lost (Arabic, English)

02 Maldito Reloj (Clock Shock) Found (English, European Spanish) Found (Greek)

Lost (Arabic)

03 La Espalda Luminosa (Shining Sword) Found (Greek)

Lost (Dubs, including English and European Spanish)

04 Invasion de los Jojotos Found (European Spanish) Found (Greek)

Lost (Arabic, English)

05 Noche Monstrousa Lost
06 La Patrulla Anti-Basura Found (Greek)
07 Pastel de Cucarachas Found


08 Juanito Salson (Johnny Salsa) Found (European Spanish) Found

(Greek) Lost (Arabic, English)

09 El Talisman Lost
10 Niña Primitiva Lost
11 El Peso de la Fama Lost
12 Los Reyes de las Salchichas Lost

Mimi and the Gang (2003)

NOTE 1: The Arabic dub cuts out the title cards of each short, making it very difficult on what they're originally called.

NOTE 2: Some of the shorts in the Arabic dub cuts out scenes for unknown reasons (possibly due to time). It will be labelled as partially found because of this.

Short Title Description Status
Venga-Pizza Mimi won sweepstakes to see and hang out with her favourite superhero, the Masked Avenger. It seems like a dream come true at first, but once she starts to notice the cameras around the superhero's lair, she starts to notice something isn't quite what she's expecting. Partially Found

Lost (Dubs, including English and European Spanish)

Un Baño al Año No Hace Daño Benny tries to woo a girl, with Olga giving advice. Hilarity ensues when he attempts to take a shower. Lost
??? Olga dreams on becoming a superstar modeller and spokesgirl for the Nefertiti brand of shampoo. Partially Found

Lost (Dubs, including English and European Spanish)

Meme Clonica During a class section with Andrew, Mimi dreams of her being cloned via Andrew's cloning machine, only for things to start devolving into chaos once the Mimi clone goes into space. Found (Arabic, European Spanish)

Lost (Dubs, including English)

El Impostor Told via flashback, what started as a nice game of kids playing pogs turns into a disaster and a cult once the bullies take away all of them. It's up to Mimi to bring them back, infiltrate the cult, and save the day. Found (Arabic, European Spanish)

Lost (Dubs, including English)

Meme Movil Mimi (via her Masked Avenger persona) demonstrate us her Mimi-Mobile. Found (European Spanish)

Lost (Dubs, including English)

Orejas Sucias Benny's lack of hygine (specifically him never washing his ears) is the source of mockery for both Olga and Vanessa. Found (European Spanish)

Lost (Dubs, including English)

Gatos Olga, using clever tricks and a disguise, brings Mimi's pet cat Super-Tiger to Vanessa's party which turns into a disaster once Super-Tiger starts to chase Vanessa's cat. Found (European Spanish)

Lost (Dubs, including English)


A few episodes of the series managed to make their way onto the internet. The original European Spanish and English dubs of the episode Clock Shock (Maldito Reloj) are viewable through the M.B. Producciones YouTube channel. The rest of the series, both the original and later shorts, are viewable via its Greek and Arabic dubs on other websites, including YouTube also. It's unknown if the rest of the series will be found in either the English language, the original European Spanish dub, or both, given its obscurity and rarity as well as the fact that there are no home releases of it.


Character Poses

These character poses are drawn by the series' character designer, Aitor Herrero which he said to be drawn in 1990 (which isn't the case as it premiered in 1999 or is it just a typo). It can be viewable in his blog linked in the images.


Title Screens

Clock Shock (Maldito Reloj)

Screenshots of the only available episode in English and one of the few to also be available in European Spanish, via the aforementioned M.B. Producciones YouTube channel. The screenshots come from the company's website on the show.

Unknown Episodes

Screenshots of unknown episodes. Also taken from the M.B. Producciones website of the show.


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