Mind Playing Tricks on Me (lost early Scarface solo version of Geto Boys song; 1991)

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Cover art for the 1991 "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" single.

Status: Lost

Geto Boys were an American hip hop group from Houston, Texas, active from 1986 to 2016. Their 1991 single "Mind Playing Tricks on Me", from the album We Can't Be Stopped, explores themes of PTSD and anxiety and is often considered to be among the greatest hip hop songs of all time.[1]

However, the song didn't start out as a Geto Boys record. In 2010, rapper Scarface, a member of the group, revealed in an interview:

"It was a record I originally recorded for my solo album, but [Willie D.] wanted everybody to rap on it. It became a Geto Boys record."[2]

In 2015, he expanded on this in a verified Genius annotation:

"I wish I could find the original version of this song, the one I first recorded. I gave it to a buddy of mine named Lil’ Silver, and he died. That’s the only copy of "My Mind Playing Tricks on Me" with every verse by me. Somebody has that fucking tape somewhere. It’s me, all by myself."[3]

As of February 2021, the tape has not been released or even hinted at by any possible owner.


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