Mini Match (lost Cartoon Network massively multiplayer online game; 2007-2009)

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The title image.

Status: Lost

Mini-Match[1]; also spelled Mini Match or MiniMatch, was Cartoon Network's first MMO and virtual world which launched in 2007. The pitch of the game was that it would allow the player to "mini-mize" themselves by creating a custom avatar, called "Minis". The game involved a rendered 3D environment which could be explored, various multiplayer Cartoon Network-themed games, and featured an ongoing mystery.

While active the game, was said to have 4 million monthly unique visitors. It was considered a precursor to FusionFall, which was already in development when MiniMatch launched. The target demographic was 8-12 year old boys.[2]


Mini Match involved multiplayer games and puzzles where one player could challenge others, which was large focus of the gameplay. Players could earn points through playing games which could be then used to customize their avatar and acquire in-game items and abilities. Some of the items were Cartoon Network themed, such as the Ben 10 shirt showed with the title card character.

Games featured include Ben 10 Galactic Matchup; which was a match four style game, Camp Lazlo Battle Beans; which was similar to Battle Ship, and Foster's Big Shot Checkers.[3] Most of these games are still considered lost, but some music remains such as for Galactic Matchup and Battle Beans, which were uploaded to SoundCloud by their composer. Unlike the other games, Big Shot Checkers was also added to the Cartoon Network website.[4]

The game had a chatting feature which only allowed players to communicate with a custom dictionary that used kid-friendly words. According to press releases, there was an intent that players would use this to solve the plot and mystery of MiniMatch.[5][6]

The game also included NPC characters such as ninjas, pirates, and space pilots. [7]


The game was closed with the release of FusionFall and in 2009 began to redirect players to FusionFall.[8] The reason for its closure could have been that it was meant to be a test MMO before the release of FusionFall or a method to get potential players interested in a Cartoon Network-themed MMO and was quietly taken down, but no official reason or statement has ever been given.




An advertisement for Minimatch.

Gameplay footage showcasing the main world and the Alien Zoo environment.

The main lobby music.