Mini Poccha (lost Nokia Series 60 game; 2005)

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Title Screen

Status: Lost

Mini Poccha was a game made by 5th Cell Media (the same company behind games such as Drawn to Life and Scribblenauts) for the Nokia Series 40 and Nokia Series 60 and published by THQ Wireless. The game was available to purchase on Nokia Series 40 and 60, all current downloads are the game are non-playable but show some assets.


"Blocks come in 4 colours and are either full or half full. (5) Rotates\(4) moves Left\(6) moves Right\(8) Drops down. When a block lands, the water inside it will pour down until it stops. Drop a full block onto another full block of the same colour to "burst" them. Get bonuses by bursting large rectangles of blocks or even shapes. Get more bonuses for causing a chain reaction."

Finding the game

Some screenshots can be found from websites such as ZGroup[1] and the archived 5thCell page for the game[2][3], which also shows 1 concept art. In the book The Art Of 5th Cell some screenshots and info about the game can be seen and also some sketches made by artist Edison Yan. There is also a Spanish video that shows some gameplay and some info about the game[4].

The JAR file of the game can be downloaded from sites such as Phoneky but when put through an emulator you can't get past the title screen.