Minna de Bokujō Monogatari (lost online browser "Harvest Moon" game; 2010-2012)

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Minna Bokumono title.jpg

The title screen.

Status: Lost

Minna de Bokujō Monogatari (みんなで牧場物語 Let's ranch together) was a browser based Harvest Moon game developed by Marvelous AQL. It was released on November 25th 2010. The server was officially shut down on October 1st, 2012, making it impossible to play the game.


The gameplay of Minna de Bokujō Monogatari is very different than previous Harvest Moon games. There is no town, no NPCs, and no friendship/marriage. The game instead resembles a Facebook game, where events run in real time (i.e. It takes 2 minutes to grow a turnip). Instead of the player doing all the work themselves, they would instead delegate the task of growing crops and attending to animals to various harvest sprites. This allows the player to assign them to a task, leave the game, and come back later to check on the progress.

The player can complete quests assigned by the Harvest Goddess in order to earn gold, resources, and more harvest sprites. As Fogu describes the game, you “accept a quest, complete its requirements, and then move onto a new quest.”[1]

Harvest Moon: Indonesia

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An Indonesian version of Minna de Bokujō Monogatari exists, called Harvest Moon: Indonesia. It was published by Prodigy Infinitech. Harvest Moon: Indonesia was instead released as a Facebook game rather than a browser game. The gameplay is almost identical to that of Minna de Bokujō Monogatari, but Prodigy Infinitech added many new animals, quests, and decorations. The server for Harvest Moon: Indonesia was shut down on May 31, 2013.


Minna de Bokujō Monogatari

Harvest Moon: Indonesia

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