Minotaur (found independent short film; 1984)

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The title for the short film, showcased in it's credits.

Status: Found

Date found: Jan 2024

Found by: James Shelley

Minotaur is an independent film released in 1984. The film stars Shane Sinutko as Theseus and was directed by James Shelley in his 20s[1].

Based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses and a contemporary short story by Carlos Fuentes, the movie was filmed in a mine in Las Vegas and had special effect make-up by Damon Charles. The creators of the robot from Terminator 2 designed the minotaur's fully articulated body mask.

The film was allegedly aired on PBS after which it was only available to rent from the University of South California and other undisclosed schools and libraries after its release. The film was not available online nor listed in the database of the USC Library.

On January 6th, 2011, the short film's director, James Shelley, uploaded the full short on his Vimeo account but was set to private with a password and was currently unavailable to the public for years with a password needed to access the film, which was unknown for years[1].

In early 2024, the director himself made a post on their LinkedIn account that provided the password for the film (minotaurpw), making it publicly available to people after 13 years of its upload. The LinkedIn post mentioned also provided additional information about the short film[1]


The short film.

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