Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (partially found British dub of CGI-animated series; 2004-2008)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Like most American and Canadian shows targeted towards preschoolers, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends had a UK dub. Like Oswald, it did not air on Nick Jr. (despite the fact that Nick Jr. exists in the U.K.), but on Five's Milkshake Block. In the UK dub, the US theme song is used rather than making a British version of it.


One Miss Spider DVD has been released in the UK with the title "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Best Bug Buddies", and it has the UK dub, as proven by a reviewer, who was expecting the DVD to use the North American dub. In addition, the UK dub of "The Big Green Bug" (albeit only the first half) was featured on the "Milkshake Treats" DVD.

Known Voice Actors

  • Maria Darling - Miss Spider, Dragon, Snowdrop, Pansy, Shimmer, Betty, & Eunice
  • Andy Turvy - Spiderus
  • Joanna Ruiz - Squirt, & Bounce
  • Lynn Cleckner - Spinner, Wiggle, Spindella
  • David Holt - Holley, Gus, Stinky, & other voices
  • Tom Eastwood - Mr. Mantis


Season 1 (2004–2005)

# Episode Title Status
1 I'll Fly Away Lost
2 All Pupa'ed Out Lost
3 Bug Your Mom Day Lost
4 A Cloudy Day in Sunny Patch Lost
5 Something's Stinky in Sunny Patch Lost
6 The Listening Walk Lost
7 Country Bug-Kin Lost
8 A Star Fell on Sunny Patch Lost
9 A Little Slow Lost
10 Stalking the Beanstalk Lost
11 Family Circus Lost
12 Eight is Not Enough Lost
13 The Marin Rose Lost
14 A Sticky Situation Lost
15 Happy Heartwood Day Lost
16 Ground House Rules Lost
17 Fly Away Friends Lost
18 Bedtime Story Lost
19 Sing It Sister Lost
20 Ant-tuition Lost
21 What A Tangled Web Lost
22 Cry Buggie Lost
23 Wiggle's Squiggles Lost
24 Basketberry Blues Lost
25 A Scary Scary Tale Lost
26 A Bug-a-Boo Day Play Lost
27 Humbug Lost
28 Dashing Through the Snow Lost

Season 2 (2005–2006)

# Episode Title Status
1 No-See-Um is Believin'! Lost
2 A Little Bug Music Lost
3 Taste-Bugs Lost
4 Top O'Big Tree Lost
5 Captain Sunny Patch Lost
6 Captain Sunny Patch Flies Again Lost
7 The Bug Flu Lost
8 A Time Telling Tale Lost
9 Family Tree Lost
10 The Jitterbug Lost
11 The Thinking Stone Lost
12 Big Bad Buggysitter Lost
13 Seeing Straight Lost
14 Stumped! Lost
15 Eight Legs Up Lost
16 Spider Mom Lost
17 Best Bug Buddies Lost
18 Snuggle Bugs Lost
19 Secret Frog Lost
20 The Big Green Bug Partially Lost
21 Be Good to Bugs...and Frogs Lost

Season 3 (2006–2008)

# Episode Title Status
1 Fungus Among Us Lost
2 Ground Bound Lost
3 Pitch and Itch Lost
4 Bounce Back Lost
5 Lost and Sound Lost
6 It's My Party Lost
7 Lulla-Bug Lost
8 The Most Perfect Parent Lost
9 Dam the Puddle Lost
10 Flower Power Lost
11 Snake Charmer Lost
12 A Party For Pops Lost
13 Frog in the Moon Lost
14 Moon Music and Sun Songs Lost
15 Giddy Up Bugs Lost
16 A Plushy Parable Lost
17 Mr. Mocking-Bug Lost
18 Odd Bug Fellows Lost
19 Spring Unsprung Lost
20 Bumbling Bees Lost
21 Eclipse Lost
22 Hide and Sleuth Lost
23 Master Mantis Lost
24 Bug-Versity Lost
25 Bringing Up Shrubby Lost
26 Stuck On You Lost
27 Bug Talk Lost
28 The Befuddled Butterfly Lost
29 Good Deed Seeds Lost
30 Shelley and the Brain Lost
31 Little Ladybug Lost Lost
32 A Beetle-Ful Family Lost
33 Night and Day Lost
34 Cob Fog Lost

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