Mix TV Presents: Eminem (lost PlayStation/PC puzzle game; 2003)

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Eminem in 2003.

Status: Lost

Mix TV Presents: Eminem (also known as Mix TV Presents The Eminem Game in the ESRB database) was a game developed by Conspiracy Entertainment based off the rapper, Eminem. Announced on May 14th, 2003, the game was to feature six puzzles for players to complete, as well as four music videos by Eminem (two of which were revealed as being My Name Is and The Real Slim Shady) and unspecified bonus material.

The game was completed, with plans already being made for future Eminem games (such as a 3D platformer based on his animated webseries The Slim Shady Show), and was submitted to the ESRB in two separate forms (the standard receiving a T rating for "Comic Mischief, Mild Lyrics, and Suggestive Themes", while the 'uncut' received an M for "Strong Lyrics").[1]

On July 28th, 2003, Conspiracy Entertainment filed a $5 million lawsuit against Eminem's representatives for pulling out of the deal, supposedly because they were looking for a bigger company to release the game.[2]

No footage or images of the game were ever released, but strangely there is an IGN review for the game, which has some info about the game.[3]


At the beginning of the level, a jumbled version of a music video will appear on a jumbo screen and the player will have to fix it before the level ends.

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