Monster Chronicle 2 - Mysterious Mecha Empire (lost Japanese mobile game; 2009)

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Crysmon title.jpg

Promotional image for the game.

Status: Lost

Monster Chronicle 2 ~Mysterious Mecha Empire~ (Japanese: モンスタークロニクル2~謎のメカ帝国~) is a sequel to Monster Chronicle (released internationally as Crystal Monsters) released for feature phone services in November 2009.[1]

Crystal Monsters was a mobile game released in 2008 in Japan for feature phones. In 2010, it received a DSiWare port that would be released both domestically and internationally. It was a monster collecting role-playing game in which the player controls the protagonist, Youta, and follows him through his quest to become the greatest monster breeder.[2][3]

Monster Chronicle 2 was was available to play for 315 yen per month on mobile services i-Mode, EZweb, and Yahoo! Keitai.[1] It was only released in Japan.


The game is currently unavailable to download. Service closure date is unknown, but the game had been getting updates for new quests at least until early 2010.

Youta and a new monster, Facchi, also appeared in another Gameloft title, Let’s Make an Animal Hospital, in February 2010. The game received an update for more quests then as well.[4] The last known update was in March 2010, where ten additional quests were added.[5]

The game’s official website closed sometime between October 2011 and November 2019.[6]

Neither the game nor its gameplay footage has surfaced online. Most of the information and images of the game that are available are those provided for promotional purposes.

Some music for the game does exist online. Two tracks are available on composer Kevin Lee's SoundCloud, including the title theme and a presumed dungeon theme.[7]

Technical Information

  • The game featured real time online battles, letting players battle against each other regardless of mobile carrier.[1]
  • Rare monsters would be obtainable from eggs that the player finds while playing.
  • Monster Chronicle Online was an associated site that utilized a points system. In the first month of playing Monster Chronicle 2, the player would be given 200 CR, and then 300 CR every following month.[1]
    • The player would be able to purchase additional crests, quests, wallpapers, and ringtones with these points.[1]
  • The game was expected to be over 20 hours long with numerous side-quests.[8]


The game takes place a year after the first title in a new region called "Argonia." Youta now attends a breeder school in Woodesland. At the beginning of the game, Youta meets Jingi, a boy with amazing power who controls mecha monsters. Jingi challenged Youta to a battle and was able to defeat him easily, and soon vanished. Youta then traveled to reach Mecha City: Almine, a city of next-gen technology. There in Almine lies a hideout for an evil organization, of which Youta must defeat.[1]


  • Youta (ヨウタ)

Youta is the protagonist of both games. He is known as Olie in English promotional material for the original game.[3]

  • Jingi (ジンギ)

A mysterious breeder who controls powerful mecha monsters, challenging breeders all across the world. He aims to be the greatest breeder. He controls the mecha monster Iena.[1][2]

  • Touji (トウジ)

A rancher who runs a monster farm at the foot of a mountain near port city Sapphirus.[1]

  • Yun (ユン)

A boy who attends a breeder school in Lokiria, an island south of Woodesland. He is competitive and curious and will poke his nose into most everything.[1]

  • Shurin (シュリン)

Youta’s friend who appeared in the original game. She is known as Jade in the international release of Crystal Monsters.

  • Zaiku (ザイク)

Guiru's brother who appeared in the original game. He is known as Drake in the international release of Crystal Monsters.

  • Guiru (グイル)

Zaiku's brother who appeared in the original game. He is known as Blake in the international release of Crystal Monsters.

  • Connor

A friend of Youta who appeared in the original game. Japanese name is unknown.


The game featured 200 monsters, both new and old. Up to 300 monsters could be stored. Below are monsters confirmed to be in the game.

  • Facchi (ファッチ)

An aggressive and belligerent fire-attribute monster covered in thorns of fire. Facchi is a hedgehog-like fire-attribute monster the player can begin the game with.[1]

  • Sabota (サボタ)

A plant-attribute monster that agitates the opponent by shooting thorns and seeds from its body. Sabota is a cactus-like monster that the player can begin the game with.[9][2]

Class: C rank, Weight: 6kg, Size: 30cm[9]

  • Mariri (マリリ)

A water-attribute monster that the player can begin the game with.[2]

  • Seichin (セイチン)

A walrus-like ice-attribute monster strong in both offense and defense.[1]

  • Kyukkyu (キュッキュ)

A dark-attribute mecha monster. One of the all-purpose mecha monsters developed by Almine.[1]

  • Iena (イエナ)

A hyena-like mecha monster owned by Jingi.[2]

  • Akyafuren (アキャフレン)

A fire-attribute monster only seen in name in the game's Famitsu article.[2]

  • Saburu (サブル)

A plant-attribute tiger-like monster that was believed to be extinct.

Class: A Rank, Weight: 280kg, Height: 210cm.[5]

  • Wamo (ワモ)

A fire-attribute monster from the original game. Known as Energore in the international Crystal Monsters.

  • Windycrest

A wind-attribute monster from the original game. Japanese name is unknown.

Several unidentified monsters also appear. A small, white monster appears in the game's Famitsu article.[2] A mechanical squid monster also appears often in screenshots.[9]