Monster Trucks (lost unreleased original cut of children's action-adventure film; 2017)

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Monster Trucks.jpg

The poster for the film.

Status: Lost

Monster Trucks is a children's action/adventure film that was released in the United States on January 13th, 2017. The film suffered from a troubled production, with its initial release in the United States having been planned for May 29th, 2015 before being pushed back three times.

One reason for the film being pushed back was a disastrous test screening, as reported by someone involved in the film's production. At the first test screening, children's initial excitement turned to complete horror when they saw Creech in the film. According to this person, the creature looked like "a cross between Judge Doom, a mentally-handicapped E.T., and a squid". About half of the audience of parents and children left before the screening was over.

After this screening, Paramount Pictures forced a year-long delay on the film, having it heavily re-cut and the design of the creature significantly altered to avoid frightening young children in the same way the initial cut did.

At the time this cut was likely screened, no official trailers or images had been released. It is unknown if the creature that was used in the initial cut was the one that appeared in the initial concept art (which was clearly toned down for the final film) or an even scarier form that was never seen.


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