Mortal Kombat Ultra Girls (Unreleased fully completed Mortal Kombat Television Series, 2021)

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Status: Lost

Comment: 26 Episodes Fully completed

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Mortal Kombat Ultra Girls is a completely finalized 26 episode cartoon television series that was set to air on Cartoon Network or HBO Max before new management caused it to be shelved with its fate unknown. The show features character designs from Youtube content creator RebelTaxi and would have been the first Mortal Kombat children's cartoon since 1996's Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm.


In February 2021, screenshots of the show were posted online [1] as well as a detailed account of its history from a staff member on Reddit.[2]


The Reddit user who was part of the staff and had this to say,

"WB has been sitting on MK Ultra Girls for a while now. I took these photos a while back during dailies. This is the pilot episode, but 52 episodes each at about 11 min were planned with different designs. WB got cold feet and we don't know if this will actually get released or entirely finished. Most of the boards and voices are done but not the last half of eps animation. We have 26 done and want them out.

New executives came in while the ones who green lit the show have left long ago. They might just shelve this due to backlash from parents or fans. They promised to announce this publicly after Scorpions Revenge and it has yet to happen.

MKUG spawned from a higher up who was amendment that the franchise is marketable beyond extreme violence. It worked for the 1990s movie. He grew up with stuff like Robocop and the Rambo cartoons, so they saw the potential with merchandising. They already planned a line of figures and a mobile game that reskins the IOS MK free to play game. They did okay getting these designs in 3D but it's far from done. Progress has halted on the game which is also effecting the show.

Why am I leaking a show most people will hate? Because we were proud of the amount of freedom we got making this. Once you get over the hurdle of the license we feel this was something fans would have loved.

A regular episode follows new student Cassie Cage or her friends. They're assigned to fight or do Shaolin Showdown style challenges with student of the opposite school faction. Winners gamble the Crypt Coins they've found. What the coins are for are revealed later.

The episodes slowly get more serialized. First pitched as Mortal Kombat Friendship, MKUG takes place after multiple timeline resets caused by Blaze during Armageddon. In this new timeline the warriors were shown all the previous canons. Many characters want Armageddon to happen again so they can start a new life. Others want to prevent the reset so they can continue the life they have. The 2 split into factions of Reset or Continue.

This time Armageddon is scheduled to happen many years after it once did. The warriors are getting too old to fight. So, Shang Sung forms a high school to train a younger generation. He pits them against each other in Reset or Continue factions. Who's ever team gets the most Crypt Coins will be the ones to decide their future should they win their final battle against Blaze.

This is not fully a comedy. That took a bit of fighting on the show runner's part to get this story. No we don't insult old fans in this show. It's a girl focused series but we wanted everyone to enjoy it.

Cassie Cage, Jackie Briggs, and Frost are the main 3. They're the focus but we cram in every character we could. Other students include Mileena, Katana, Jade, Takeda, Sheva, Kidd Thunder, Erron black who's dating Nitara, Scarlet, Reiko, and Scorpion's son who's a zombie in this show. There's a lot of gallows type humor that pushes PG. We had a lot of freedom on this. But no blood or guns. Cassie basically uses “Green Energy spirit guns” as one of the supervising director puts it. The MK Ultra title pun was intentional with this shows humor. WB loves that humor. Thunder Cat Roar's theme song is a pre existing song called Drugs, Neko for pete's sake. Bo Rai Cho is just called Bo here. Meat is a test subject used in their science class. It was hard to get pass with S&P but they allowed it when we pointed out Adventure Time did skinless humans.

Inclusions that were my favorite are Striker as a hall monitor no one listens to. Rain the pretty boy popular kid. Of course Johnny, Sonya, and Jax are the main characters supportive parents. Kobra is a karate instructor that lives in a trailer and was essentially rewritten to be a fusion of Dan from Street Fighter and Rex Quando.

The 1st games characters are teachers. Kano, Lou Kang, Scorpion, Sub Zero, and Raiden are all teachers for different factions. Their offices and class rooms are full of MK and Midway easter eggs.

Speaking of, the show actually nabbed a few of the voice actors from the movies and games. The soundtrack also recycles from them with mostly techno and Chinese percussions similar to the 1st game. However, that may have changed since some of it was just temp music. That's up to Warner Chappell. I forget the name but we got some JRock band to do the intro. Was gonna be Baby Metal but we got some newer group.

Other facts, We had crew nights watching Bruce Lee and Van Damme and other movies for both fun and inspiration.

1 of our crew members loves Sindel and other mom characters like Dexter's Mom. We wrote such an emotional flashback episode for her saying goodbye to Kitana and marrying Shao Khan. MK11's Sindel wasn't out yet but when she did that crew member did not take it well. We all joked about writing more Sindel episodes out of spite.

MK Ultra Girls had a long development after several ideas for a kid or teen focused reboot kept getting shot down.

Some rejected ideas included a revamped continuation of the 1990s cartoon Defenders of the Realm, but WB and New Line Cinema could not agree on something. I’m guessing it was merchandising, I was brought on later so I wouldn’t know. That show's not worth bringing back."

Copyright takedowns confirmed its legitimacy.

From a photograph of a page of the style guide, it can be inferred that the series started development in 2018.


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