Mortal Kombat Devastation (lost movie script; 2004)

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Status: Lost

After the release of Mortal Kombat Annihilation, Threshold Studios were pushing to release a third movie in the franchise. However, this was delayed and halted due to the negative reception of Mortal Kombat Annihilation. The studio continued pushing through the early 2000's to produce a third film.

In 2004, Robin Shou (actor of Liu Kang) stated during an interview that production will begin in the fall of that year. However no other news was released about it.

In a separate interview, Linden Ashby (actor of Johnny Cage) has stated that he read the script and even acknowledged that Johnny Cage will come back for the third installment. He even acknowledged that the movie was going through legal issues.

Not much of the script was known except for the idea of Time travel being used. The movie has been thought to been put on hold due to Hurricane Katrina destroying one of the filming locations.[1] The movie was officially cancelled when Threshold Studios went bankrupt in 2009.[2]


Robin Shou interview (at 6:36).

Linden Ashby interview.

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