Mumfie The Admiral (lost BBC Radio play audio; 1952)

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Mumfie the Admiral.jpg

The book upon which the play was based.

Status: Lost

Mumfie the Admiral is the third book in the Mumfie series by Katherine Tozer. In the book, Mumfie and Scarecrow visit the beach with their owner, Selina, who gets on a boat with a mysterious sailor. After an accident occurs when they try to find her, the friends find themselves on a bigger quest to find "The Admiral", who had vanished long ago. Although this was adapted into episodes 6-11 of the Mumfie's Quest arc of Magic Adventures of Mumfie, this was not the first adaptation of this particular story arc. In 1952, 42 years before Magic Adventures of Mumfie premiered, BBC broadcast a 3-part radio play based on Mumfie the Admiral as part of their Children's Hour program. Because of the time period, it was broadcast during, the play is currently lost, except for some archived schedules on BBC's website that list the cast.


  • Mumfie: Audrey Cameron
  • Scarecrow: Frank Crosland
  • Selina: Sandra Brown
  • Pirate: Norman Somers
  • Lighthouse Keeper: Geoffrey Banks
  • The Admiral's wife: Sybil Holroyd
  • Tom: Alan Rothwell
  • Davy Jones: Hugh Morton
  • Clem: Norman Somers
  • Noah: John Broadbent
  • Alabama: Geoffrey Banks
  • Fat: Fred Wilson
  • The Old Lady: Sybil Holroyd
  • The Old Lady's Grandchildren: Alan Rothwell
  • Marabella: Sheila Armstrong