Mundo Toonix (lost Cartoon Network massively multiplayer online game; 2012)

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The game's logo.

Status: Lost

Mundo Toonix was a game made by Cartoon Network that was exclusive for Latin-American countries, Mundo Toonix consisted of gameplay similar to Club Penguin, Mundo Toonix had its own interface on the Cartoon Network website, When you clicked on it, A login page appears that prompts you to enter your email and password, There was another option called "Create Toonix" where you could register an account, Players that didn't live in Latin-American countries could use a VPN to connect to one.

Once you logged in or you finished registration, the option to enter Mundo Toonix appears.[1]


Once you enter the game, you can see a menu with an image Toonix running near a field while smiling. There was a piece of text above the Toonix that said: "Welcome to Toonix World, More than 10 Million Toonix Created," There was a red sign on the ground that said "Enter." Clicking on the sign shows a list of servers to enter and how much players with names like "mxToon1" and "mxToon2." There used to be several servers, But they were all merged into a single dedicated server.

After selecting a server, the user would be teleported to the Toonix map, known as Toonix Island, with 10 areas that you can go to.

There was also a mobile version of the game.


The game was shut down on June 30th, 2020, The browser and Android version were affected, The game shutting down also led to it being lost, It shut down due to multiple players being groomed using the chat mechanic, Another theory is that the game was shut down due to decreasing player counts, With online MMO's becoming less relevant in the late 2010s, The game also got boring after playing for a while, When the game was shut down, It simply vanished from the Cartoon Network website.

There are no copies that are playable, The only proof of the game's existence is a few footage of gameplay and videos detailing the game, A few spin-offs on the Cartoon Network website and an archive of the website on the internet.

There are also a few shady APK website that claim to have a copy of the Android version, But they aren't playable.


Gameplay footage.


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