My Brother My Brother And Me "The Joshermy Expedition" (lost unreleased scene of comedy TV show; 2017)

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From left to right; Justin, Griffin, and Travis McElroy.

Status: Lost

My Brother, My Brother, and Me is a 2017 Seeso TV[1] adaptation of an ongoing comedy advice podcast of the same name,[2] starring brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy. During an AV Club interview, the brothers discuss an Unreleased scene called "The Joshermy Expedition" while talking about footage that didn't make it into the final cut.


The scene as described by the brothers took place in a cabin. Unprepared, they began an improvised segment where Justin pretends he is being possessed by a ghost named Joshermy, and is unable to leave the property until his brothers play along and free him. This goes on for thirty minutes. During the interview, the brothers agree that the segment is largely humorless, bizarre, "joke-free," and "a waste of everyone's time," hence why it was unreleased.


The AV Club interviewer William Hughes asks if this scene will be included on the DVD release, to which Justin explicitly states that it will "never see the light of day" due to its lack of quality.

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