My Special Book (partially found Canadian children's live-action TV series; 1998-2007)

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Book Girl, the protagonist of the show.

Status: Partially Found

My Special Book is a Canadian live-action children's television series that aired on YTV Jr. and Treehouse TV from 2000 to 2006. The show began with an opening scene of a sleeping child in bed, and a book in the background opening up revealing the world in which Book Girl and her friends lived. The show would end with Book Girl closing the book.

After being cancelled due to major programming changes on Treehouse TV, the show fell into obscurity. However, on multiple forums and websites, people began asking about the show, trying to recall the name and events in the show after its cancellation. A description of the show was eventually matched to the series, but upon discovering the show's name, it was found that the only thing online that proved the show ever existed was a single image of a television screen from a Korean blog post in 2005.[1][2][3]

An LMW investigation into the show began on July 21st, 2017 which revealed that the series was first aired in 1998. However, A later enquiry by "canadianchildhood" into treehouse TV guides showed that it had actually first aired in May 2000 and that it was only produced starting in 1998.[4] Though the show was often known to have been broadcast on Treehouse TV, it was discovered that YTV was the original producer of the show, playing it on YTV Jr., which eventually transferred its shows to Treehouse TV upon discontinuation.[5][6]

After hitting many dead ends while searching, an advanced Google search eventually revealed the producer of the show, Michael Decsi, as well as the music composer for the show, Richard Rodwell. In Michael Decsi's LinkedIn profile, it was revealed that My Special Book ran for a total of 90 episodes before being taken off the air. After getting in contact with both members of the cast, it was revealed that neither was in possession of footage. However, it was revealed through Michael Decsi that the main character's name truly was Book Girl, and that she was played by former YTV Program Jockey (PJ), Krista Jackson, and that the voices for the puppets were voiced by Jennifer Racicot, another former PJ for YTV. Richard Rodwell also stated that another producer of the show was the late Melanie York and that her nephew played in the intro as the sleeping child.[7][8][9][10]

On March 21st, 2019, YouTuber Logan Maxell uploaded a recording of an episode of the show.

In November 2020, Pixarman2001 has uploaded the entire first season on YouTube.

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ObscureMediaTV's video on the subject.

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The first found episode of the show.
The first volume of season 1.
The second volume of season 1.
The second volume of season 1.
The third volume of season 1.
The fourth volume of season 1.
The fifth volume of season 1.
The sixth volume of season 1.
The seventh volume of season 1.

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