NBA Powerdunkers (found PC port of PlayStation sports game; 1997)

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The game's boxart.

Status: Found

Date found: 11 Nov 2019

Found by: Myloch

NBA Powerdunkers (NBAパワーダンカーズ) by Konami is a 1997 Windows95 port of its PlayStation counterpart. It is the first of a series of basketball arcade games, known as "NBA in the Zone" in America and Europe. The PC version was apparently only supposed to be released in Japan.


Infos and images about the PC version are near to zero. The game is mentioned in a Japanese PC Watch article,[1] another PC Watch article about the 1996 Tokyo Game Show report and how it was supposed to be released in Summer of 1997,[2] among incoming Konami PC releases on the December '96 document, and finally among "Release date undecided" titles in the January '97 document[3]

There are suspicions about the game not being released at all in the end. However, this is not confirmed since there is so little available on it, although some shopping sites like Suruga-ya and have a page for the game, including front box scan, game price, and product serial number.

In early 2018, LMW user Myloch purchased a copy of the game from a Japanese auction. In late 2019, he uploaded a dump of the game onto Mediafire and shared it within the server.

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