NanoQuest (found PC educational game; 2006)

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PC Nanoquest.png

The game's logo.

Status: Found

Date found: 01 Jun 2018

Found by: Gatorbox

NanoQuest is an educational PC game developed by CanDo Interactive and Fable Multimedia in association with Discover Science + Engineering and the Center for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices (CRANN). It was released online in late 2006 on the game's official website, www.nanoquest.i.e. (Archive). The website remained online until as late as 2012 before the website was taken down and the domain altered to redirect to the homepage of Discover Science + Engineering. As of 2014, the domain is still owned but no longer responds to connection requests.


Between 2006 and possibly up to 2012 NanoQuest was available to be played in a standard web browser that supported the Adobe Shockwave plugin. A downloadable executable of the game was also available through the game's website but required visitors to fill out a basic form asking about their school. When the domain was redirected elsewhere, the content of this website became lost, and due to the required form submission in order to download the game, Internet Archive was not able to preserve this process. As such, no backups of the executable were made available. Additionally, many iterations of the NanoQuest website archives did not include the in-browser Shockwave version of the game and those that did appear to be missing additional data needed for the game to run. The depreciation of Adobe Shockwave in modern web browsers has rendered this version of NanoQuest unplayable.

On June 1st, 2018, the hosts of the Twitch show Gatorbox began their broadcast season. For their first show of the year, they announced that they had procured "the last executable of [NanoQuest] online," confirmed that it worked, and released the game for download following the conclusion of the show to preserve the title. NanoQuest was added to the Gatorbox "Secret Stash", and a more conventional backup was also made available through Internet Archive.