Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 (lost early version of racing game; 2011)

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Original title screen.

Status: Lost

Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 is an early version of the game that eventually evolved into Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012), which was published by Electronic Arts and developed by Criterion Games.

Most Wanted 2 was conceived as a working title around 2011. The game would have been a direct sequel to the original Most Wanted of 2005 and would have included many elements from previous games in the series, such as car customization options and a storyline. These concepts, however, were ultimately scrapped, and the final release was radically different, with little influence from the 2005 game other than its title. A lot of the cut content can be found in the game's files.[1]

In late 2016, a thread on Need for Speed Theories discussing unused content from the game was created, which, among other things, presented leaked concept art from a developer portfolio.[2] In 2017, Youtube channel Obscure Gamers shared gameplay footage of a prototype build of the game. However, it was taken down sometime later.


The gameplay footage shows an initial cutscene narrated by what may be the main protagonist. The player can freely drive through a vast open world. As in other Need for Speed games, escaping from the police is a prominent part of the gameplay. The player can use weapons such as "spike strips" against police cars in pursuit, another feature that was removed from the final release.