Nekketsu Kunio-kun Zukan (lost build of unreleased Famicom game from the Kunio-kun franchise; 1993)

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Kuniozukan title.jpg

Title screen

Status: Lost

Nekketsu Kunio-kun Zukan (熱血くにおくん図鑑, lit. Hot-Blooded Kunio-kun Encyclopedia) is an unknown and unreleased game based on the Kunio-kun franchise developed for Famicom in 1993. It became known on March 23, 2020, when Tsuyoshi Ōtake, the graphic designer for Kunio-kun's game, introduced it on Twitter[1][2][3]. The game was developed at Technos Japan's Niigata office for presentation to the headquarters and was probably never intended for general release. In additionally the development time for this game was about two or three weeks[4].

In the game, you will experience Nekketsu High School. At the high school, you will meet the main character Kunio and other characters who have appeared in previous games in the Kunio-kun series, and you will be able to view their schools, special moves, and other information. There is also a soundtrack called "Nekketsu Juke Box" where you can listen to songs from past games.

Ōtake also posted two play videos, but after a few weeks, another former Technos employee asked him to delete them, so he deleted the videos and all the tweets with screenshots. However, they are already saved and can be viewed. As of 2023, this build has not surfaced online, and the existence of another build is unknown.


Video of Ōtake playing a game Part 1

Video of Ōtake playing a game Part 2

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