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A screenshot of the "Nobody" Soundcloud page from May 2017.

Status: Partially Found

Adam Dahlberg, better known as NetNobody, is a former Minecraft YouTuber SkyDoesMinecraft who announced on July 6th, 2017, that he was quitting Minecraft videos and transitioning into making music instead. Since then the content across his many YouTube channels including, NetNobody (now Nobody Records), Sky Does Everything (formerly Sky Did Minecraft and Adam), and Sky VS Gaming (Formerly Adam VS Gaming), has changed throughout the years with the removal of many songs and videos occurring in the process, leading some to become lost.

Music Release and Removal

On May 7th, 2017 Adam released his first songs on his Soundcloud account under the name Nobody. These songs were Psycho Society, Sounds, MC Millionaire, Drink, and Untitled. The following day, May 8th, Adam announced on his Sky VS Gaming channel that his music had been released.[1] The following day he would release the songs Gum Girl, Insomniac (Darker Times).[2] Later, on May 23rd, Drowning would be released on Soundcloud. Drink and Sounds would eventually have lyric videos published to the NetNobody YouTube channel. These songs were all considered "unfinished" by Adam and were mainly released to show off his musical capabilities before fully transitioning out of Minecraft content. In June of 2017, Gum Girl became the first song to be removed, for reasons unknown. Sometime in early July of 2017, Untitled and Insomniac (Darker Times) would also be removed for unknown reasons. All of Adam's songs up to this point were produced by Jason Probst, known on the internet as Jazzy Eff or TruMU, a Minecraft YouTuber who had made videos with Adam for years prior to his music. On January 1st, 2018, Adam removed any music Jason was involved with, besides Drowning, which would be removed on a later date. When asked about this on Twitter, in a now-deleted Tweet, he insinuated that his ex-girlfriend Alesa had been cheating on him with Jason when they were still together. There have since been a few incidents where Adam has addresses this vaguely, such as a video uploaded June 1st, 2020, titled ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS! (Team Crafted, Sky Media, Mental Health, etc.) in which he states Jason did something "some people would find unforgivable."[3] Adam has never mentioned the songs ever returning and rarely talks about them in general. Besides the songs produced by Jason, there have been a few other NetNobody songs that have been removed for various reasons but were reuploaded quickly after they were removed. The songs Psycho and Mirror were removed from all platforms, and both Maui Moon and Follow Me were removed from YouTube along with their music videos, but kept up on other platforms such as Soundcloud. The songs Happy, Pull Me Down and Hiding were removed from Soundcloud, but kept public on all other platforms. The song Communicate by WATSON featured NetNobody, but was removed from all platforms. Communicate was at no point lost due to reuploads.

Untitled and Insomniac (Darker Times)

After the removal of songs produced by Jason, many songs were saved from being lost due to reuploads both before, and shortly after they were deleted by various people. Out of the eight songs, Gum Girl, Untitled, and Insomniac (Darker Times) were completely lost. On May 27th, 2018, YouTube user yOuNg NoBoDy found and uploaded Gum Girl, and sometime in Early 2020, Adam himself unprivated the song on his Soundcloud.[4] In a video posted to his Sky Does Everything channel on May 30th, 2020, titled REACTING TO MY OLD MUSIC!, when referring to Gum Girl Adam states, "I just recently unprivated that one because it was just so funny that I had to put it back out." In the same video, before playing a twenty-two-second clip of Untitled, he states "I instantly removed this one. You'll understand." After Untitled, he then plays thirteen seconds of Insomniac (Darker Times). On February 21st, 2021, a link to an unlisted YouTUbe live stream was found. The stream originally went live on October 23rd, 2019, and was unlisted that same day. During the stream, all NetNobody songs are shuffle-played in the background, including the deleted songs.[5] Both Untitled and Insomniac (Darker Times) are played, but with the people in the stream talking over them the entire time. In the following days of the stream's rediscovery, more unlisted live stream links were found, with multiple having the songs played in the background at some point. During one of these streams when Insomniac is being played in the background, a viewer asks Adam in the chat what the song playing was. Adam responds by saying: 'This song is called Insomniac by NetNobody. Somebody has reuploaded it somewhere, I'm sure."[6] This reply means it is likely he was not aware of the two songs being lost at the time. Two different YouTube channels, NetNobody Archive and NetNobody Vault, attempted to recreate the songs using clips from the live streams. About a month after the reconstructions had been uploaded, the songs were finally found completely on March 25th, 2021. YouTube user w_o_r_s_t_g_u_y commented on one of Another Archive's videos claiming to have both of the songs. After reading this article, he realized that the songs were lost and that he had them. Shortly after his comment, both Untitled and Insomniac (Darker Times) were both uploaded to his channel, complete with high quality.

A video featuring clips from many of the formerly lost songs.

The full audio of Insomniac (Darker Times).

The full audio of Untitled.

Unreleased Music

Due to varying reasons that are mostly unknown, many NetNobody songs have been teased or leaked to some extent but never officially released, with some not even being confirmed to have been recorded. The following is a list of these songs, although some titles of songs have not been confirmed as "official" and are given to the songs by fans. These songs are marked with an asterisk. Many of the songs have been found and leaked, often in low quality.

Song Year(s) Teased Status
Smoke 2016 Found
UFO* 2016 Partially Found
Fake (original version) 2016 Found
Ganondorf 2016 Found
Insomniac (original version) 2016 Partially Found
Broken Rings (original version) 2016 Found
Wings 2016, 2017 Found
Pain 2016, 2017 Partially Found
Untitled (original version) 2017 Partially Found
Mirage 2017 Partially Found
Stanky Puss 2017 Found
Positive Vibes 2017 Partially Found
Reaper (original version) 2017 Partially Found
Your Own (original version) 2017 Partially Found
Demons* 2017 Partially Found
Flip 2017 Lost
Face to Face 2017 Lost
To Myself 2017 Lost
Bathroom Floor 2017 Lost
Birthday 2013 2017 Lost
Swish 2017, 2018 Partially Found
Liftoff* 2017, 2020 Partially Found
New World 2 2017, 2020 Partially Found
Waldo 2018 Lost
Glum 2018 Lost
Soul 2018 Lost
Dudebro 2018 Lost
Money 2018 Lost
Float 2018 Lost
Shine (original version) 2018 Partially Found
Crazy* 2018 Partially Found
Fame 2018 Existence Unconfirmed
TruMU Disstrack* 2018 Existence Unconfirmed
Just Sayin Rough* 2018 Partially Found
Dog Clout* 2018 Partially Found
Back to Back* 2018 Partially Found
YouTube is a Crazy Place* 2018 Found
Legacy (original version) 2018 Found
Highlight Reel* 2018 Partially Found
Northside* 2018, 2019 Found
I Like Lil Pump* 2018, 2019 Found
Toymaker* 2018, 2019 Found
Just Sayain (original version) 2018, 2019 Found
Losing Myself (original version) 2019 Found
Heartless 2019 Found
Fame Keep Coming* 2019 Partially Found
Love (recorded version)* 2020 Lost
"I'll Be Good" Cover* 2019 Existence Unconfirmed
Sad Happy 2019, 2020 Found
Hurricane V2 2020 Lost
Passion 2020 Lost
Organic 2020 Lost
not420 2020 Lost
Opposite 2020 Lost
NOW 2020 Lost
Newt 2020 Lost
Private Dancer 2020 Lost
Seed 2020 Lost
Ovaseas 2020 Lost
Realm 2020 Lost
Not de Way 2020 Lost
Legacy 2020 Found
I Don't Like That* 2020 Found
Gone (original version) 2020 Partially Found
BarZ (original version) 2020 Found
BarZ 2020 Partially Found
Apocalypse 2020 Partially Found
Wise Fool 2020 Partially Found
StarGazin 2020 Partially Found
Been Awake* 2021 Partially Found
White Noise* 2021 Partially Found
Saturn 2021 Partially Found

May 2021 Releases

On May 25th, 2021, four previously unreleased songs were unexpectedly released on the official NetNobody SoundCloud. "Nobody's Stopping Me" was released under its official title "DNKYS." "In Your Hell" was released under the title "Dvine," a title that was previously thought to be a completely different song. A version of "Hydra" was released as "Just Sayain" and "Lost" was released as well. All four of these songs were added to a playlist called "For Danny."

Lost YouTube Videos

Starting with the announcement of his transition into music on July 6th, 2017, multiple YouTube channels owned by Adam were rebranded entirely. The SkyDoesMinecraft' channel was rebranded to Sky Did Minecraft and later Adam, which included his entire catalog of videos up to that point being deleted. [7] This was announced in a now-deleted video Why I'm Deleting SkyDoesMinecraft, although the videos would eventually be restored. Adam's other channel Sky Vs Gaming would also be rebranded as Adam Vs Gaming. [8]The content posted during this period was the Project Happiness series, which involved Adam and friends traveling across the world and making music along the way. Other videos posted during this time were "meme" videos, often including Adam and a friend making short skits or comedy videos. On the Adam Vs Gaming channel, vlogs that served as almost a mini Project Happiness episode were uploaded, as well as frequent live streams of gaming and fishing. On December 9th, 2018, in the video MINECRAFT IS BACK (LET'S DO THIS) Adam announced the channel's return to Minecraft for the first time since his initial quitting video, as well as general gaming content. After this, nearly all of the videos and live streams from the previous rebranding began to disappear, most becoming lost. This is likely due to the fact that Adam doesn't make content with many of the people in them anymore, but there has never been a reason given for the removal of the videos, or any acknowledgment at all from Adam that they ever existed.

Deleted NetNobody Videos

Video Status
Making New Music? Lost
Sounds - DG (NetNobody) Ft Watson - Prod. TrueMU (Lyric Video)) Found
DRINK - DG (NetNobody) Lyric Video Found
What My Music is All About. Found
Tomorrow Is A New Day Found
Norwegian McDonalds Meme Found
Where is NetNobody? (Drama Updates, Music, KSI in the Title) Found
NetNobody + Pollari "PSYCHO" Prod YungCortex (OFFICIAL) Found
NetNobody "MAUI MOON" - (Official Music Video) Found
"Shine" Music Video* Unreleased
"New Year" Music Video* Existence Unconfirmed
"Follow Me" Music Video* Existence Unconfirmed

Deleted Adam Videos

Video Status
I'll See You Later Recruits (My Quitting Video) Found
Go Subscribe to NetNobody if you haven't already (Also KSI in the Title) Found
Why I'm Deleting SkyDoesMinecraft (Midnight HST) Found
Project Happiness NORWAY Found
Hawaii Vlog Episode One Found
Hawaii Vlog Episode Two Found
Project Happiness HAWAII Found
Project Happiness JAPAN Found
Project Happiness (unreleased 4th episode)* Unreleased
Despacito Found
Maple Syrup Challenge /w Chris Ray GuM Found
My Saddest Video Found
Meme Me Found
Bubble Bass Challenge Lost
New World 2 - Minecraft Parody Music Video Found
Jinkies! Lost
Sky Does Memes Episode 1 : 'MURICAN MEME REVIEW IS HERE (ft Chubbs) Found
Reacting to Hi-rez the Rapper DISS TRACK On ME! Found

Deleted Adam Vs Gaming Videos

Video Status
ASDIUGSHDFBGPSD Livestream Highlights #1 Found
AKLJWEJKLAAWJLKEOIU Livestream Highlights #2 Found
LKJWLEUIAJLMCNMWUE Livestream Highlights #4 Found
Magic Healing Crystal?! ✨✨✨ Found
ADAM NOW DRUG ADDICT?! (demonetized) Found
HAWJEKNCMNMNEHRJTLAW Livestream Highlights #5 Found
Nobodies TAKE OVER #DramaAlert?! Found
Cheese Me Daddy! Found
Hiking is FAT SHAMING Found
What The DUCK?! Lost
A Day In The Life of Foxy (Jason) Found
Pitching Tents and Feeding Red Weiners Found
Couples Night Out! ($2000 DINNER?! Found
Top Ten(Eight) Meme Contest Entries (vote for the winners) Lost
Who Won The Meme Contest?! (Announcement Video) Lost
JKAWEJOJMWAIOEMMJWHG Livestream Highlights #6 Lost
Drunk Canadian Skaters Pull Teeth Out and Get Hostile (IRL Highlights) Lost

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