Nicktropolis (partially found Nickelodeon massively multiplayer online role-playing game; 2007-2010)

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The logo for the Nicktropolis MMORPG.

Status: Partially Found

Nicktropolis was an MMORPG made for Nickelodeon's website in January 30, 2007. It was created to have a world for kids with safe chat features.

In 2010, it was completely re-branded to The Club, which used a few different assets, but the idea was the same. In 2013, The Club was closed with a few assets remaining. And in 2016, all remaining assets carried over were closed when Nickelodeon removed the option to join as a user on the website.


Nicktropolis was a social MMO where you could create an avatar and customize it, chat with other players, create your own room, and play games.

The game would allow you to walk around various Nickelodeon themed environments, where you would play mini-games of whatever intellectual property you would be in at the time. By doing so, you would obtain Nickpoints; the in-game currency. With it, you could buy items for your avatar in Nickname Lane where there would also be shops themed around the various shows.


A few assets for Nicktropolis have surfaced, but it is unlikely the developers would upload the assets, as the game's producer Alex Westermann stated he was prevented by various contracts with Viacom to do so.[1]

Someone with the name "NickyNouse" created a scratch game with the assets that have surfaced. The game is made to be a recreation of the Nicktropolis game, though with very few assets that have surfaced, isn't close to the original.[2]

In early 2023 a user going by "timewarpmolly" started Nicktropolis Timewarp, an open source HTML5 remake project using assets cut out of screen capture footage. The remake includes many features of the original game including a massively multiplayer server, some flash mini-games, custom rooms, etc.



An advertisement that explains everything in Nicktropolis.

A camera recorded screen video that shows Nicktropolis.

A video showcasing the Orange Carpet room.

An advertisement for the Nicktropolis Aquarium launch.

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