Nintendo ON (lost original extended version of internet hoax video; 2005)

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A render of the hoaxed console.

Status: Lost

Nintendo ON was a hoax video that surfaced online throughout 2005 and 2006 as an alleged teaser for the upcoming Nintendo console. The video was created entirely by Psyco3ler, also known as Pablo Belmonte.

The video was popular enough to trick a majority of fans online as well as garner the attention of Reggie Fils-Aime according to an interview with him from E3 2005. However, the video that surfaced online is a rushed recreation and not the original extended video.[1]


Initially, Pablo wanted the video to be a protest-style video that may have been about capitalist consumption. This was later changed to a video that replicates the future of video games.[2]

The video was in production when rumors in online forums began regarding a new and upcoming Nintendo console. While not much is known about production, it is believed to have been very high in production quality and energy. Pablo had passed out several times during production and crashed into bed several times as well due to the workflow.[3]

At an unknown timestamp during production, Pablo's hard drive crashed, which left most of the files for the project wiped or corrupted. Due to the rebuild-up likely taking up time, Pablo opted out to use parts of the uncorrupted and recovered files and quickly create a recreation of the final project.

The extended version of the video was planned to be at least 30 minutes in length, and the final video only represents 10% of what Pablo had in mind for the video. The only piece of content Pablo was able to recover from the extended version was the Metroid and Mario game parts. It is believed hundreds of gigabytes in data was wiped.

The final video was "leaked" online before E3 2005 which was Pablo's planned release and why it was rushed for production. While the exact origin story of its release is unknown, it may have surfaced on forums.

The video itself begins with a recap of past Nintendo consoles, before zooming out of a presumed tech demo to reveal exactly 512,000,000 maps of Peach's castle in Super Mario 64. It then cuts to several shots of the console itself, which appears as a sleek designed VR headset.

While the previous portion of the video is mostly complete, the unfinished part (referred to as outtakes) begins with a deconstruction of the console, showcasing several features such as a DVD player, surround headphones, and other features before cutting to gameplay of a Metroid and Mario game.[4]

The video abruptly ends at the Mario game part for the aforementioned reasons, being a hard drive crash and corruption. According to the interview with Pablo, quote "The Nintendo On presentation ends just as its getting started".

It is confirmed that the rest of the video would have contained more feature showcases, along with gameplay of a Half-Life, Metal Gear Solid, Mother 3, Secret of Evermore II, WarioWare On and Final Fantasy game. While it was believed to be a rumor, it was found on an interview that this is indeed true.[5]

Pablo would later go on to make another hoax entitled Super Mario Galaxy DS, and continue to make fanmade gaming works, both of which were completely finished.


While the rushed recreation can be found online, the extended version has not resurfaced in any capacity due to being permanently lost in the hard drive crash, and what remains and what it would've been remains a mystery.

The only remnants of the extended version that exist online are sketches of Peach from Pablo's ArtStation, which were not present in the Mario part due to being cut off.

Pablo has also released high-quality renders of the first two videos, those being the tech demo and the console shots, but the last and unfinished video has yet to be released in high quality, likely due to the files being missing.



A high-quality render of the tech demo.

A high-quality render of the console shots.

The final and remaining parts of the teaser and presentation.


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