Nintendo Video (lost promotional eShop commercials for Nintendo 3DS video-on-demand service; 2012)

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Nintendo Video logo.

Status: Lost

Nintendo Video eShop commercials are a group of promotional videos released on the Nintendo Video application on the Nintendo 3DS to promote the 3DS eShop.


Nintendo Video was an application released on Nintendo 3DS systems in July 2011. The service hosted various videos users can download to their systems through the system's SpotPass feature. Up to four videos can be stored on the app at a time.

Lost Videos

One such group of videos were created to promote the 3DS eShop and how it can download full retail games to their system starting with New Super Mario Bros. 2 in August 2012. The videos are unavailable to be viewed online as well as the eShop itself when Nintendo discontinued Nintendo Video in 2015 and made most of the videos that were available on the service, viewable on the eShop.

Description of Service from Nintendo of Europe

"Nintendo Video allows you to receive assorted kinds of exciting 3D video content via SpotPass without lifting a finger!

With a broad range of 2D and 3D videos available, such as movie trailers, sports clips, music videos, cartoons and more, there is sure to be content to appeal to everyone!

When you have access to a wireless Internet connection, you will automatically receive videos which will be saved for a limited time on your Nintendo 3DS system. You can watch the videos repeatedly, until they are replaced by new content.

Your Nintendo 3DS can also receive SpotPass data, including content for Nintendo Video, automatically from thousands of supported public Wi-Fi access points across Europe."[1]