Nobody Ordered Love (lost British drama film; 1972)

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Surviving still.

Status: Lost

Nobody Ordered Love is a 1972 British drama film directed by Robert Hartford-Davis and starring Ingrid Pitt, Judy Huxtable, and Tony Selby. The plot deals with a series of tragedies that unfold during the filming of a low-budget World War One film called The Somme.

Hartford-Davis, one of the most prolific directors in British exploitation cinema, likely intended the film to be an exposé of the workings of the genre, particularly as the cast consists largely of genre veterans. Unfortunately, the film was given very little promotion by the studio and was ultimately panned by critics, many of them criticising Hartford-Davis' direction. According to Ingrid Pitt, the resulting fall-out caused the director to take Nobody Ordered Love out of circulation and relocate to the USA, taking all prints of the film with him. Pitt also claims that Hartford-Davis ordered in his will the destruction of the prints upon his death in 1977.

In the following years, Nobody Ordered Love was listed by the British Film Institute as one of their 75 Most Wanted features.[1] Around 2012, a copy of the film's script was given to the BFI by an anonymous collector. The screenplay included the scripts for both the film itself and the fictional film whose production it depicts. However, if Ingrid Pitt's claim is correct, it is very likely that the film will remain lost beyond the surviving black-and-white stills.


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