Nobunaga Senki (partially lost unreleased Famicom role-playing game; date unknown)

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Nobunaga proto hd.gif

One of the game screenshots.

Status: Found (prototype)
Lost (ROM)

Date found: 2010

Found by: murakun

Nobunaga Senki (信長戦記, War Diary of Nobunaga) is a role-playing game developed for Famicom Disk System featuring Nobunaga Oda. However, there is no clear information about the publisher or developer of this game, nor is there any information in video game magazines from the time when Disk System games were sold. A prototype ROM of it exists, but there are pirated Disk System cards circulating that were probably copied from it.


On November 14, 2010, Japanese video game blogger murakun created an article introducing a prototype ROM for this game.[1] The prototype ROM does not display the title and is said to stop working, and is in an unfinished state. He has also created a website devoted to other video games, and this game was featured on the Disk System games page of that site. The publisher there was Towa Chiki, a Japanese video game company. However, we do not know where the source of this publisher came from.[2]

Prototype ROM in Auction

A prototype ROM was listed on Yahoo Auction on November 10, 2017.[3] According to the seller, he traded it to a video game collector for 100,000 yen 7 or 8 years ago.[4] The collector said that the game was titled "Nobunaga Senki". On October 17, 2020,[5] a prototype ROM was listed by another seller. According to the seller, it was purchased at a previous auction (not sure if this is the prototype ROM from 2017) and is a yellow Disk System card. Yellow card are usually used for completed game; white card are used for prototype. Those sold are most likely pirated copies copied from the original prototype ROM. A prototype ROM, called an early version, was sold by the same seller as the before on October 26.[6] However, this is also a yellow card and may be a pirated version. On October 30,[7] yellow card prototype ROM was listed by another seller, but it may be the same as the pirated version previously listed.


Currently, the only confirmed original prototype ROM is in the possession of murakun, and a dump of the ROM has not yet surfaced online.



Gameplay video by buyer. Here it turns out that the game has no sound.