Noveltoons "Spree for All" (lost original color print of animated short; 1946)

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Title card from a black and white print.

Status: Lost

Spree for All is a 1946 Noveltoons animated short film that was released on October 18th, 1946, by Paramount Pictures. It features Snuffy Smith from the then-popular comic strip Barney Google and Snuffy Smith who was discharged from the army, had put a new prefabricated house hallway between the Mulligans and McCoys, who are careless with their rifle fire.


The short was considered a lost film due to King Features’ (owners of Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip) requirement that the prints and negatives were to be destroyed after ten years until in early 2016 when it turned up on eBay as a black and white print with French subtitles and was put on YouTube by David Gerstein, a rare cartoon locator-extraordinaire.[1]

While the black and white version of the short survives, no original color prints of the short are known to exist.