Nuclear Sub Command (lost Commodore 64 game; 1992)

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An advertisement for the game.

Status: Lost

Nuclear Sub Command is a Commodore 64 game that was developed around 1992 by VMC Software. It was being sold as a realistic nuclear attack sub simulation in a 1992 issue of US magazine RUN. The game was being sold on disk, and required GEOS 1.3, or GEOS 2.0 in order to run properly.[1]

Nothing else is known about this game, with this advert being the only known presence of the game out there. There are no developers out there who are known to have worked on the game at all, and there isn't any surviving footage, nor screenshots known to surface.

This game might've been an unreleased game, likely being too ambitious for the Commodore 64 to handle, or it being a dying system in North America as it was more popular in Europe. The game might've been released though, albeit not having been preserved anywhere on the internet.