Oh! My Lord (lost iOS social simulation game; 2012)

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OhMyLord Icon.jpg

The game's app icon.

Status: Lost

Oh! My Lord is a free-to-play social simulation game developed by Devsisters Corperation that was released on July 12th, 2012 for iOS devices in the United States.[1] While the game was translated in Korean, it was not released in South Korea.


The gameplay is similar to that of Zynga's Farmville. The player takes control as the blonde-haired young lord of a newly founded kingdom and must make it grow by growing crops, expanding territory, completing quests, building structures, sending hunters out for expeditions, and going to war with neighboring Kingdoms. The player can earn Coins, Gems, and XP during gameplay in order to spend on goods plus upgrade and level up their Kingdom respectively.[2] The game would later bear a resemblance Cookie Run: Kingdom, which started development in 2016 and released in 2021.

The game used Facebook connectivity in order to display other's Kingdoms to visit and go to war with.

Release and Availability

Oh! My Lord released on the United States' App Store on July 12th, 2012. The game seemed to have stopped update production in September or October of that same year. Due to a lack of promotion and discussion of the game online, as well as no gameplay footage ever being uploaded, it is evident that Oh! My Lord was a commercial failure. It was delisted from the App Store some time in 2013. Additionally, no .ipa packages of the file have been ripped and uploaded online.

Despite Oh! My Lord being fully translated to Korean, it appears that it was never released in it's home country of South Korea.[3] An Android port was also considered to be produced after the OvenBreak games were ported to Android, though this never materialized.[4]


Due to Oh! My Lord only being released in 1 country for a short span of time with little fanfare, not many people have downloaded the game, and fewer have come forward to say that they've downloaded the game in the past. The user Mintmin on Naver had downloaded the game when it was still active. After being contacted, they attemlted to redownload the game, but due to Apple having server connection issues as well as not owning an iOS 10 or below device to download the app; was unable to help further.

David Yuh, a former employee of Devsisters who had produced and translated all of the games under the DevsCake platform, claims that he had worked on Oh! My Lord previously. Despite attempts to make contact, no response from David has been made.[5]

On October 8th, 2018, Ho Tae Seong shared the artwork for structures that he made for Oh! My Lord alongside a few pieces of miscellaneous art, such as hunting screen graphics. Attempts to contact Ho Tae Seong have been made, though no response has been recieved.[6]


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