On the Rocks (partially found ABC sitcom; 1975-1976)

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On the Rocks.jpg

The cast on the set of On the Rocks.

Status: Partially Found

On the Rocks was an American sitcom that was centered around the inmates of Alomesa Minimum Security prison. The show was broadcast on ABC from September 11, 1975 to May 17, 1976, and was a remake of the popular British sitcom Porridge.


The show takes place in the Alomesa Minimum Security Prison, and focuses on the various inmates of the prison, and the numerous antics that take place while they are there. The shows main setting was usually the cell block containing prisoners Hector Fuentes, Lester DeMott, and Nicky Palik, with each of the three usually having some involvement in the plot of the episode.


  • Rick Hurst as Cleaver
  • Jose Perez as Hector Fuentes
  • Bobby Sandler as Nicky Palik
  • Hal Williams as Lester DeMott
  • Tom Poston as Mr. Sullivan
  • Mel Stewart as Mr. Gibson


Despite 24 episodes being produced and aired over the course of the shows run, no full episodes have resurfaced online since its cancellation. All that has resurfaced are various promos that contain footage of the show, featuring clips from the episode "To Catch a Thief" and "Peace and Quiet" among others.

Episode List

# Episode Synopsis Airdate Status
1 Old Fish, New Fish Streetwise and wisecracking, Hector Fuentes returns just a little less than triumphant to his minimum-security prison. He begins his latest term by showing the ropes to naive first-time inmates. September 11, 1975 Lost
2 To Catch a Thief Fuentes announces that pineapple chunks are missing. September 18, 1975 Partially Found
3 The Wagers of Sin Warden Poindexter is intent on cracking down on gambling in the prison and takes extreme measures. But the ban has the opposite effect on Fuentes making him want to gamble even more. September 25, 1975 Lost
4 The Legacy Fuentes is sent to the prison hospital where he makes friends with an older inmate Gabby. October 2, 1975 Lost
5 Mr. Lonelyhearts The men are worried that their mates might be cheating on them, so Fuentes writes a threatening form letter for everyone to send to their loved ones. October 9, 1975 Lost
6 Champion A thug gives novice boxer Palik his first lesson in behind-bars bouts: he must pull his punches and lose whenever he is told to do so. October 16, 1975 Lost
7 Peace and Quiet Fuentes wants some time alone, away from his fellow inmates. October 23, 1975 Partially Found
8 Dear John Palik's girlfriend breaks off their engagement. October 30, 1975 Lost
9 Sullivan's Finest Hour Sullivan's carelessness gets him a reprimand after a con steals his bike and peddles off to Jamaica. November 13, 1975 Lost
10 Homesick Blues Cleaver becomes homesick. November 20, 1975 Lost
11 The Great Escape Fuentes tries to escape with a trick knee. November 27, 1975 Lost
12 The High and the Mighty: Part 1 Fuentes' new cellmate turns out to be one of the warden's wartime buddies. December 4, 1975 Lost
13 The High and the Mighty: Part 2 Fuentes' cell mate, a dishonorable judge, develops a rapport with his fellow inmates. December 11, 1975 Lost
14 Friendly Persuasion Fuentes and another cellmate devise a plan to improve working conditions. December 18, 1975 Lost
15 The Underground Movement: Part 1 Fuentes and his cellmates foil the escape of a racketeer. January 8, 1976 Lost
16 The Underground Movement: Part 2 Unknown. January 12, 1976 Lost
17 A Test of Character Palik takes his high school equivalency test. January 19, 1976 Lost
18 Testing, Testing Fuentes and Palik fail a psychiatric test. January 26, 1976 Lost
19 Free and Clear An elderly inmate refuses parole unless it's on his terms. February 9, 1976 Lost
20 High Noon Fuentes tries to keep the peace when a fight breaks out between Tommy "Mad Dog" Hollister and Lester DeMott. February 16, 1976 Lost
21 The Desperate Hours Cleaver and Demot are held hostage. February 23, 1976 Lost
22 I'll Never Forget What's Her Name When a brash acquaintance of Fuentes' shows up at the prison, the men go crazy. March 29, 1976 Lost
23 Retrospective: Part 1 This one-hour episode recalls the antics of the prison inmates.[1] May 17, 1976 Lost
24 Retrospective: Part 2 Unknown. May 17, 1976 Lost


A promo for the show.
Footage of the show from ABC's 1975 Fall Preview (8:05-9:29).

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