One Piece x Star Wars (lost promotional tie-in commercial for shōnen anime film; 2015)

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One Piece x Star Wars.png

The Straw Hat Pirates dressed up as Star Wars Characters

Status: Lost

One Piece is a shōnen manga that was made in 1997. It has become fully popular over time, making an anime that’s still ongoing by Toei Animations and developing 14 films, an OVA, and thirteen specials.

In 2015, to promote the film, One Piece: Gold, a promotional commercial was shown in cinemas at beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens[1] with the characters cosplaying Star Wars characters and going to the movie theaters to watch the movie


As something special for the screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and to promote their next film, One Piece: Gold, a special video was made about the straw hats going to the movie theater. They were gonna dressed as Star Wars characters. The characters they dressed up as were:

  • Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro as Jedi.
  • Nami as Leia Organa (Slave)
  • Usopp as Darth Vader
  • Sanji as Han Solo
  • Tony Tony Chopper as Yoda
  • Nico Robin as Leia Organa (Princess)
  • Franky as Chewbacca
  • Brook as C-3PO[2]

It was gonna be more into the Star Wars theme as Zoro was gonna have a lightsaber-like sword and Usopp was gonna say “I am your father”, an iconic line from the movies.[3] The commercial was gonna premiere at Toei Cinemas and was only gonna be screened for the first time at 18:30.


As of December 2023, the commercial hasn’t resurfaced online and was never released onto physical media. It is unknown if it’ll ever be released again.


LSuperSonicQ’s video on the subject (starts at 1:07 - 4:50)