Only You Viva! Cabaret Club (partially found late-night anime TV series; 1998)

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Promotional poster for the series.

Status: Partially Found

Only You Viva! Cabaret Club (Only You ビバ! キャバクラ) is a 15-episode anime series based on the manga of the same name, written by Toshihiko Fujinami, a mangaka who primarily focuses on writing gag mangas.[1]


The anime aired from November 4th, 1998 up until November 27th, 1998, having 15 total episodes aired and made. It was frequently aired on the Japanese channel, TBS., particularly in their "Wonderful" block. [2][3]

The TBS' "Wonderful" block of shows airs around the time slots starting at late hours to after-midnight. Shows that air on the "Wonderful" block are exclusively made shows, that include and airs really raunchy, obscene, over-the-line, and are not made for kids, thus only airing at midnight for adults to watch and consume.

Many shows exclusively made for that block had been archived and had physical releases, but few shows, such as this one, had unfortunately never had any physical or home media release, let alone the chances of this ever getting found are through video tapes from televisions around that it aired.[4] The production company, Public & Basic, who made this anime, is now completely dissolved and non-existent.[5]

Not much info is known about this series, a synopsis, provided by AllCinema[6], goes as follows:

A powerful cabaret club life with quirky characters unfolds. Takeshi Koganei is a salaryman who works in the accounting department of a small and medium-sized company. Every day he makes ends meet on a small salary and goes to a cabaret club without telling the company. However, even if you try to woo your daughter, you will need money. If you don't have money, they won't be dealt with. Even today, Takeshi clutches a discount ticket and dashes to the cabaret club.

A TV adaptation of Toshihiko Fujinami's popular hostess comic of the same name serialized in "Weekly SPA!".


Although no known episodes had resurfaced of this series, the opening theme of this series was uploaded by Twitter user @kunta_ that came from his VHS tapes that he had digitized and post on his Twitter account, much like any of his posts.[7]. The opening theme, "Yume Dream On!", was sung by former actress and singer Juliana Schano[8]. This is the only footage of this series available as of November 2022.

Aside from the opening theme, cels, merchandise, and other promotional materials from this series are available to be bought on various Japanese and international online shopping sites.




Opening theme of the series, originally uploaded on Twitter by @kunta_

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