Our Footloose Remake (found parody film; 2010)

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OurFootLooseRemake Title.png

The film's logo.

Status: Found

Date found: 28 Jan 2023

Found by: Rob T Firefly

Our Footloose Remake is a 2010 crowd-funded parody film and a collaborative effort between a variety of amateur filmmakers brought together by the film community known as Channel 101[1]. David Seger and Tim Marklevitz served as the film's producers.[2]


Development of the film originally began as a snarky response to Hollywood's 2008 announcement of an official remake of the 1984 film Footloose.[3]

The project divided the original 1984 film into 54 different scenes, giving each one to a different set of filmmakers who would recreate their given scene in their own unique way.[4]

Once all scenes were done, they were edited into a complete film with conflicting stylistic choices between scenes being played for comedic effect.

Channel 101 would follow-up Our Footloose Remake with Our Robocop Remake, a response to the official 2014 remake of Robocop.[5]


The film premiered at the Downtown Independent Theatre in Los Angeles on July 1st, 2010 and was later uploaded to David Seger's Vimeo account on April 11th, 2011.[6]

The film was eventually taken down on April 17th, 2018 via a copyright claim from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.[7]

For a while, the complete film was unavailable online or on physical media. A handful of scenes have been uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo by their respective filmmakers, totalling 18 out of 54 scenes found.[8]

On January 28th, 2023, Archive.org user "Rob T Firefly" uploaded the entire movie, having found it among various old files.

# Scene Filmmaker Status
1 Opening Titles David Seger Found
2 Interior Church Team Tiger Awesome Found
3 Exterior Church David Seger Found
4 Highway Mike Karnell & Craig Pentak Found
5 Porch Brad Conlin Found
6 Dinner 1 David Seger Found
7 Diner Dance Erni Walker Found
8 First Day Ryan Ridley Found
9 Lunch Steve Nelson & Jake Strunk Found
10 Gas Station Erik X. Raj Found
11 Dinner 2 David Seger Found
12 Rev’s Letter Tyler Spiers Found
13 Chuck Tim Marklevitz Found
14 Ren’s Job Brian Wysolmierski Found
15 Gym Christopher Ford & Duncan Skiles Found
16 Woods Kate Freund Found
17 Tractors Mike Manasewitsch & Willy Roberts Found
18 Ariel & Rusty Jon Hill Found
19 Drugs Paul Isakson Found
20 Uncle Wes Dan Riesser Found
21 Angry Dance Matt Freund & Jordan Harris Found
22 Car Talk Randall Park Found
23 Train Shane Houghton Found
24 Home Late Wade Randolph Found
25 Car Wash Scott Gairdner Found
26 Rev Is Preaching Danny Jelinek Found
27 Sneaking Out Erika Brooks Adickman Found
28 Bar Fight Aaron Moles Found
29 Drive Home Jason Makiaris Found
30 Slap Casey Donahue Found
31 Church MC Griffin Found
32 Parking Lot Sean Lynch & Philip Laird Found
33 Locker Room Dan O’Malley Found
34 Dance Off Mike Rose Found
35 Rev & Dunbar Matt Wyatt Found
36 Chuck & Ariel Erin Hill & Kelsy Abbott Found
37 Ren’s Kiss Erik Beck Found
38 Rev In Bed Matthew Saliba Found
39 Lockers Emmett Short Found
40 Brick Krocky Meshkin Found
41 Talk with Mom Kyle Reiter Found
42 Town Meeting Tom Kauffman Found
43 Ren & Boss Andrew Warnecke Found
44 Ariel In Church Matt Sloan & Aaron Yonda Found
45 Burning Books Tim Marklevitz Found
46 Ren & Rev Ellen Houlihan Found
47 Rev’s Speech Deanna Rooney Found
48 Setting Up Ryan Howard Found
49 Ariel & Mom Ben Pluimer Found
50 Ariel Pick Up Adam Quirk Found
51 Waiting Dancers Jim Klimek Found
52 Rev & Wife Watch Spencer Strauss Found
53 Final Fight Chris Cantwell Found
54 Let’s Dance David Seger Found


The "Our Footloose Remake" trailer.

Our Footloose Remake

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