PC Cocoron (lost build of cancelled platformer for PC Engine; 1992)

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Title screen

Status: Lost

PC Cocoron (PCココロン) is a platformer for the PC Engine CD-ROM that was developed by Takeru (Sur Dé Wave) and planned for release. The game was positioned as a sequel to the platformer Cocoron, which was previously released for Famicom.

This game was also supposed to be Takeru's first entry into the PC Engine game market. Originally scheduled for release in May 1992, the game was later given a release date of September 24, 1993, but Gekkan PC Engine November 1993 issue the game received a negative review compared to its predecessor. The production team readjusted its development in response to the review and subsequently postponed the release date to November 1993 and then to February 1994.

The game was developed to its ending and was nearly complete, but Takeru went bankrupt around 1994 and the game was never released.[1]


The ROM has been confirmed and is owned by murakun, but no data has surfaced online. The ROM was loaned by Takeru to the editorial department of a game magazine and was likely unreturned due to the company's bankruptcy[2]. Rumors also exist that ROM were once sold at auction by Takeru employees[3].



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