Paranormalana (partially found YouTube video series; early 2010s)

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Paranormalana's YouTube channel icon.

Status: Partially Found

Paranormalana, who otherwise went by the name Alana G., was known for creating videos that focused on real life events, spooky stories, paranormal events, and other creepy things. She was most known for her video series titled "True Scary Stories" that highlighted the mysteries surrounding the deaths of Elisa Lam and Kendrick Johnson, "Scary Games That You Can Try Yourself" that explained how to perform games such as the Midnight Game and she had just begun to start a new series called "Vampires Over History." She was a fairly popular YouTuber who had over 50,000+ subscribers to her channel. She called her fans her "Paranormal Family" and appreciated her fans for watching, subscribing, liking and spreading her videos out so that others could watch them too.

On September 3rd, 2015, her channel disappeared without a trace and this caused several horror-themed, and other genre channels to discuss why she deleted her YouTube as well as the rest of her social media accounts. A few tweets from her deleted Twitter account have been used in these theory videos as to why she disappeared all of a sudden, mostly explaining that she had to change how she managed her social media accounts on the account that she had a stalker.

Thanks to an anonymous commenter on this page, most of her videos have been found. They can be found here!

Archived Videos

True Scary Story: The Disappearance of the Sodder Children -- Kidnapping or Murder?

True Scary Story: The Polaroid Crime The Disappearance of Tara Calico

True Scary Story: Elisa Lam.

External Videos