Patrick Hammond's Shockwave games (lost 3D Shockwave games; 2006-2016)

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A image of Stunt Sled

Status: Lost

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Stunt Sled and deRes3 were Shockwave 3D games made in Adobe Director that were made by Patrick Hammond which were published in August 17, 2006 on his Colourclash domain.

Stunt Sled was a 3D first-person bobsleigh game developed by Patrick Hammond under his ColourClash domain.

The game's description reads the following: "attempt to control the stunt sled with the arrow keys & space to brake - you really need to use that brake if you want to survive.. the game is playable but given more time i'd like to add some competitors to race against." [1]

No file is currently found for Stunt Sled.

deRes3 was a shooting-style demo from Patrick Hammond, who developed the also lost Stunt Sled. Hammond started this unfinished work “ages ago”; indicating that the last build sat unused for some time. In de-Res, you play as a bulky-framed robot that shoots lasers. Lighting also plays a major role in the demo. A multi-user experience was planned for de-Res, but it never happened.

The game's description reads the following: "..a little robot game i started ages ago which i never got around to finishing - the idea was to capture territory by lighting the hexagons to your colour. next on the to-do list was the network code.. but real-time synchronised action via the multi-user xtra/server is somewhat of a black-art.. and i think for best results running a MUS is necessary - like what Gene Endrody has done with Maid although Nick Kang's Phosphor Beta 1 demonstrates the P2P route is also feasible." [2]

No file is currently found for deRes3.

The games pages were taken down in 2012 or 2013, But the files were still up on the domain's server until 2016 when the site discontinued.


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