Peace (lost Italian Commodore 64 war simulation game; 1984)

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An image of the game's title screen.

Status: Lost

Peace was a Commodore 64 game that was being developed by several people in Italy back in 1984 that was shown on Italian TV show Orecchiocchio. The game is of the war simulation type despite the game's title stating otherwise. It first starts off with the player having to deal with a bunch of colored balls floating across the screen. When in contact with one of them, it'll send the ball to another direction. At the left of the screen, there is some animation of a white sprite, seemingly an astronaut, going down a chain that proceeds it to the part with what are supposedly rockets, and take away the bottom half. However though, the player also has to make the astronaut stop before it hits one of the 2 tan and unusually shaped objects that might hit the player, then move on before it appears again.


The game is not known to have been released in any way, shape, or form back in 1984, or later. Only 4 people are known to have worked on this game, those being Luca Milani, Marco Corciulo, Giulio Sala and Ostir Lido. Trying to look up the first three names lead to unrelated people whereas the fourth leads to no actual known people under that name. It's unknown what role they had in what exactly, and they're not known to have developed anymore games on this computer, nor on any other system in general. It is possible that the game was cancelled due to them never finding a publisher even after their TV spot on Orecchiocchio. There is also the chance that the game saw a minimal release, either by a publisher who got the game, or by themselves.[1]


Footage of the Orecchiochio clip featuring both the developers, and the game itself.