Peb & Pebber: Helden Privat (partially found German children's animated TV show; 2006-2012)

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Peb and pebber.jpg

The show's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Peb & Pebber: Helden Privat is a German children's television show that ran for 4 seasons and would typically air between shows. Peb & Pebber: Heldan Privat features two muppets, a red one "Peb", and a green one "Pebber". The show mainly consists of the characters performing activities teaching children different things such as the concept of the human sense such as smell, touch, sight, and hearing. There was a DVD that was given out in a contest containing the entire second season, but the winner of said contest has yet to be identified as of the time of writing this. The entire fourth season is completely lost. A CD containing an alternate version of the theme song has 1 minute of it leaked online, but the whole song itself remains lost. An instrumental version of the theme song played on the second season, but the instrumental version has been yet to surface in any media. Although the official website is technically available via archives, the website itself is no longer functional.


NOTE The english translations are unofficial as they were translated using Google Translate. There may be translation errors with some of the titles. Shoutout to Gengar Lady for reuploading some of the videos and bringing it to our attention.

Episode Name(German) Name (English) Availability
1 Die Party The Party Lost
2 Der Rekordversuch The Record Attempt Lost
3 Das Fühl-Schmeck-Riech-Spie The Feel-Taste-Smell-Game Lost
4 Die Uhr The Clock Lost
5 Sportsfreunde Sports Fans Lost
6 Der Computer The Computer Lost
7 Der Bewegungsmelder The Motion Detector Lost
8 Die Wippe The Seesaw Lost
9 Aufräumen To Clean Up Lost
10 Das Rätsel-Rezept The Puzzle Recipe Lost
11 Die Fernbedienung The Remote Control Lost
12 Die Ernte The Harvest Lost
13 Laufen auf Null Beinen Walk On Zero Legs Lost
14 Bewegung macht hungrig Exercise Makes You Hungry Found
15 Besuch von Banaroo Visit Banaroo Lost
16 Der essbare Käfer The Edible Beetle Found
17 Der Superfänger The Super Catcher Lost
18 Der Papp-Peb The Cardboard Peb Lost
19 Der Zauberlehrling The Sorcerer's Apprentice Lost
20 Die Menüschnur The Menu Cord Lost
21 Das Bauklotzrennen The Block Race Found
22 Immer am Ball bleiben Always Stay On The Ball Lost
23 Das Sportfest zu Hause The Sports Festival At Home Found
24 Der Kartoffelheld The Potato Hero Lost
25 Das Magenmonster The Stomach Monster Lost
26 Der Rätsel-Snack The Puzzle Snack Lost
27 Das Tierquiz The Animal Quiz Lost
28 Der Plumpsack The Dump Bag Lost
29 Fang den Peb Catch The Peb Lost
30 Die Zirkusnummer The Circus Number Lost
31 Der verrückte Drücker The Crazy Pusher Lost
32 Der Nachnehmer The Cash On Delivery Lost
33 Die Softlöffel The Soft Spoons Lost
34 Das leckere Gesicht The Delicious Face Found
35 Der Spiegel The Mirror Lost
36 Da haben wir den Salat Since We Have The Mess Lost
37 Gib mir den Ball Give Me The Ball Lost
38 Das Piratenschiff The Pirate Ship Lost
39 Das Gedicht The Poem Lost
40 Das Stinkefußgebüsch The Stinky Bushes Lost
41 Das hungrige Krokodil The Hungry Crocodile Lost
42 Möhren überall Carrots Everywhere Lost
43 Die Putzteufel The Cleaning Devil Lost
44 Das "Wo komm ich her?"-Quiz The "Where Do I Come From?" Quiz Lost
45 Geschmacksache A Matter Of Taste Lost
46 Die Blume The Flower Lost
47 Früh- oder Spätstück Breakfast Or Late Breakfast Lost
48 Der Tagesplan The Daily Schedule Lost
49 Der Super-Duper-Fit-Mach-Zauber The Super Duper Fit Make Magic Lost
50 Beste Reste Best Leftovers Lost
51 Die Küchenweltreise The Kitchen World Tour Lost
52 Flitzen statt Sitzen Flitting Instead Of Sitting Lost
53 Der Steh-auf-und-tanz-Tanz The Stand-Up-And-Dance Lost
54 Der längste Weg The Longest Way Lost
55 Keine Zeit für Sport No Time For Sports Lost
56 Der Schwitzbold The Swimmer Lost
57 Das Stop-Tanz-Spiel The Stop Dance Game Lost
58 Einbeinstand für Anfänger One Leg Stand For Beginners Lost
59 Die sportlichen Stühle The Sporty Chairs Lost
60 Frühsport Morning Exercise Lost

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