Personna Double II (lost commercial for razor and blades company featuring Stan Lee; 1976)

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Stills from the lost Personna razor commercial featuring Stan Lee.

Status: Lost

In 1976, the American razor and blades company, Personna, taped and shot a commercial in advertising Personna's new product, the Personna Double II, featuring Stan Lee, an author and artist famous for writing and creating various superheroes in the Marvel Comics catalog. The commercial then aired in the same year.[1][2]


Some stills from the commercial had been made available to be viewed to this day that shows parts of the commercial, that were uploaded on the internet by various users and the official Stan Lee account on both Twitter and Instagram.[3][4]

The image stills attached to the posts confirm that the total runtime for this commercial is 30-seconds. The lines that Lee said in this commercial, according to the stills, are the following:

"You know, here at Marvel, I've got Spider-Man and all these characters and super-villains such as Dr. Doom to worry about. I can't waste time worrying about things like shaving.

This guy calls me and he says..."Try a Persona Double II" and I said, "Okay, I'll try it."

This Personna is beautifully designed. Twin blades on each side, It's clean, it's got quality.

Like they told me, "There's no finer shaving system ever made.", I may create a whole new character...

- Personna Man!"

A page from a 1976 edition of the Marvel Bullpen Bulletins, contains a soapbox, on which Lee is commonly known to write to the readers about the behind-the-scenes of comics and various other media. In this particular soapbox, however, Stan talks more about the Personna Razor & Blades commercial that aired in that same year. Stan also talked about the possibility about the team making a Personna-Man character, based of the commercial and the last, yet iconic line that he said in the commercial.


As of 2022, no footage of this commercial has resurfaced on the internet. This commercial had been deemed lost for more than 40 years since the original year that it aired.



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