Pet Party (partially found MMO about raising pets; 2010-2014)

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An image of the pet customization menu in the Salon.

Status: Partially Found

Pet Party was an MMO made by Plinga Co. and MagnetJoy that was hosted on various flash game portals (such as GirlsGoGames or Agame).[1] The game was launched sometime in the late 2000s or early 2010s and was shut down on June 30, 2014.

The player would start with a customized pet, a house containing a single room, and a garden. Players would be tasked with completing "missions" related to interacting with other players' homes and pets. Completing these missions would gradually let the player level up to unlock bonuses (such as more rooms). There were also three minigames in the game, though the contents of them are unknown. Like many other MMOs, the game contained a currency that had to be bought with real money (diamonds), and another that could be earned from in-game activities (coins). Players would use these currencies to buy items such as pet food, furniture, and clothing.

Players were also tasked with taking care of their pets. Pets had 4 stats that had to be properly maintained: happiness, hygiene, hunger, and lucky points. Happiness was increased by having the pet play with toys, hygiene was increased by bathing the pet, and hunger was increased by feeding the pet. Lucky points were the odd stat out, as they increased by interacting with other players and completing in-game activities.

The game heavily encouraged social interaction and had a feature that enabled players to send mail to one another (though there are claims that some sites disabled this feature). The site even allowed pets of opposite genders to confess their love and get married to each other. Marriage contained 8 levels that were unlocked by gaining a "love experience", which was obtained by gifting items to the other player.


While the assets for the character customization menu of the game are openly available, many of the other assets and files for the game are completely lost.


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