Peter Box (lost complete version of PC puzzle game; 1994)

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Main menu (shareware version)

Status: Lost

Peter Box was a Sokoban clone programmed in 1994 by True Emotions Software (Madrid, Spain). It features enhanced (VGA) graphics compared to the original game. The only mentioned programmer in the game is Juan Carlos Garcia. Not many other info is available about this game other than being available as a shareware product, bundled with some compilations of similar products. Judging by "order.frm" document included with shareware version, the full product could be ordered by mail (money or check) from Garcia himself. An adult variant called Soko Sex exists; it is in Spanish and it shares a lot of assets with Peter Box.


Peter Box rules are identical to "Sokoban" (Japanese: 倉庫番 or warehouse keeper): it's a puzzle game in which the player pushes the crates into a labyrinth, seen from above, and tries to place them in the assigned place. Only one chest at a time can be pushed, not two, and the crates cannot be pulled.


While the game has always been quite rare, today the shareware version is easily findable thanks to Google and the abandonware circuit. On the other hand, the complete version can be ordered no more and it has never appeared in the web and it's (most likely) lost forever. In 2005 Joel Yliluoma recreated it in JavaScript, in his webpage he says "The source code of the DOS Peter Box is probably lost".


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