Phil Is Not On Fire 5 (lost unreleased original recording of YouTube video; 2013)

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The final video's thumbnail.

Status: Lost

Phil not on fire 5 is a video created by YouTubers AmazingPhil (also known as Phil Lester) and Daniel Howell, and was uploaded to YouTube on November 22nd, 2013. It has been stated that an earlier version of the video was made but was deleted due to poor video quality, making it permanently lost.


Phil not on fire 5 was the fifth video in a series by Phil Lester and fellow YouTuber and housemate Daniel Howell (also known at the time by his previous channel name, danisnotonfire), and has amassed over ten million views as of 2023.[1] The series featured them drawing a cat nose and whiskers on their faces with Sharpie and responding to questions from fans in a humorous fashion. There were a total of ten videos in the series uploaded from 2009 to 2018[2][3], as well as compilations of cut content and bloopers[4] and two spinoff videos on Howell’s channel titled AmazingDan and AmazingDan 2[5] (the latter of which was privated, but was later reuploaded by other channels).[6]

Original Video

In 2015, it was revealed in the humorous autobiographical book The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire that Phil not on fire 5 had to be filmed twice. This was due to Lester having recently gotten a new camera lens, leading to the entire video being out of focus.[7] In a YouTube short uploaded on November 14th, 2021, Lester revealed that they had chosen new questions the second time they filmed, meaning both versions were significantly different from each other. He also revealed he had deleted the original footage.[8]


Due to the original footage being deleted by Lester, this version is considered permanently lost. Although the footage is confirmed to have existed, it likely was not ever in an edited state like the version uploaded to YouTube, as Lester did not mention editing the footage and it is unlikely he would have, considering the poor quality.


The final version of 'Phil is not on fire 5'.

A short from Phil Lester's second channel, where he discusses the original version of the video.