Pinch to Punch (lost anime series; 1969-1970)

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Pinch to Punch.jpg

Only known still of the show.

Status: Lost

Pinch to Punch (ピンチとパンチ Pinch & Punch) is a gag anime series created by Takashi Aoki and produced by Fuji TV Enterprise. The series aired on Fuji TV in Japan every Monday through Saturday from September 29, 1969 to March 28, 1970 for 156 episodes. It is successor to Sobakasu Pucchi. Most of the staff of that show continued on to work on Pinch to Punch.[1][2]


Pinch and Punch are two modern-day twins who have a particular gift for mischief and pranks. With the help of their girlfriend Dotako, their sister Chibigon, and their pet pig Ijibuta, they think up and carry out all manner of hijinks. Victims of their pranks include their nagging mother, Mamagon; two-faced adults; and brainiacs who do nothing but study.[3]


Like Takashi Aoki's other series Sobakasu Pucchi, the series never re-aired on any other network in Japan and never received a home media release. Only one still and a few information of the anime series have surfaced online.