Pizza Rollo (partially found interactive French game show; 1994)

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Logo of the show.

Status: Partially Found

Pizza Rollo was an interactive game show hosted by David Chevalier that aired on French channel Canal + around 1994. It was aired from Monday to Friday at 6.30 pm.

Its concept was inspired by Hugo Délire, another interactive game show for children. Both would have an original "video game" on screen, and child contestants would call live and control the player character using the keys of their phones.

While the game in Hugo Délire was 2D-animated and centered around a small imp going to the rescue of his family that was caught by a witch, Pizza Rollo's game was in 3D and was about pizza delivery people who would ride through a city with their bikes while avoiding obstacles. Contestants could choose between Pizza Rollo, Pizza Rollette, and Pizzo Lillo to play as, though based on the little available footage, contestants either didn't or couldn't choose anyone other than Pizza Rollo.

The game was infamous for its difficulty: control was awkward as the child contestant had to use the keys from the phone to move the character, but there was also a slight delay due to the length of the connection to the TV station. Not only that, but players had to finish the level in less than 1 minute 30 seconds. Suffice to say, winners were rare.

Very little footage of the game show can be found, and there are no known home releases of the show.



Footage of the game in action.


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