Planet Ajay (found British children's TV series; 2009-2010)

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The show's logo.

Status: Found

Date found: 01 Apr 2018

Found by: N

Planet Ajay was a 2009 British children's television series aired on CBBC from 2009 to 2010, starring Ajay Chhabra. The show was said to be set on "Planet Ajay", and features a cast of characters including Chips the Robot, and Badjay; an evil twin brother of Ajay. According to the show's page on the BBC website, the program was described to be "a Bollywood-inspired cosmic explosion of entertainment, comedy, show-stopping performances and audience interaction", and it had aired a total 13 episodes.


Reruns of the show have stopped, since 2010.[1] Prior to the discovery of all the episodes, only three short clips were found on the internet. One was of the unfinished title sequence. Another clip featured a version of "She's so Lovely" taken from the "Bolly Willoughby" episode. The final clip was taken from Vimeo and features a game taken from an unknown episode where contestants had to pull a chain to get gunged with curry in order to win prizes.

On February 26th, 2018, a clip was discovered on the TV production website “Mr. Miller & Mr. Porter”. This video contained the final render of the intro where Ajay gives out narration and the first few seconds of the episode “Preeti’s Birthday”. The full ending song has been found on the website as well.

A Lost Media Wiki Discord user going by the name of N recovered all of the episodes from an anonymous source on April 1st, 2018. For the next four days, all of them were mirrored to YouTube by Essasetic. This marks the series found after 8-9 years since its original broadcast.


A Production still from the show.
# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 ”Hiccup Hooray” Sept 21st, 2009 Found
2 "Preeti's Birthday" Sept 28th, 2009 Found
3 "Bolly Willoughby" Oct 5th, 2009 Found
4 "Spaceman" Oct 12th, 2009 Found
5 "Rapping" Oct 19th, 2009 Found
6 "Three Moons" Oct 26th, 2009 Found
7 "Bollywood Ball" Nov 2nd, 2009 Found
8 "Meteor" Nov 9th, 2009 Found
9 "Planet Badjay" Nov 16th, 2009 Found
10 "Space Crufts" Nov 23rd, 2009 Found
11 "Planet Aarh-jay" Nov 30th, 2009 Found
12 "Make Me Laugh" Dec 7th, 2009 Found
13 "Highlights Show" Dec 14th, 2009 Found

Videos and Audio

Title sequence to Planet Ajay.

Closing song to Planet Ajay.